6 ways to hold a tactical flashlight and pistol

It is a result of patrolling, searching or apprehending for 70 percent of the cases. Therefore, it is important to note that it is not a problem.

In the options below, a tactical flashlight is in a weak hand. So …

Flashlight and gun at the same time

A1 – with side button – Chapman (Chapman)

This is the end button. In this case, it is a weak hand, the parallel to the pistol shutter. The base of the palms and wrists should touch each other. This method is considered to be the most natural to teach beginners.

A2 – with side button – Ayoob

It’s not a problem.

B1 – with the back button – Harris (Harries)

Flashlight with end button. The wrists are crossed.

It’s a clear idea that it’s not a problem.

B2 – with back button – Rogers / Surefire (Rogers / Surefire)

It is clear that it is clear that it can be used to make it. something else? – ed.) having a special “skirt” on the body. This method is considered one of the most dangerous, allowing maximum control of your weapon. It can be seen at the bottom of the palm.

B3 – with the back button – FBI option (FBI)

If you are a woman, he will be able to use his flashlight. will be directed towards the flashlight.

With one hand only.

B4 – with the back button – at the neck

It is a flashlight on the back of the employee. It is believed that this is the most natural under stress. However, this option eliminates the advantage of the previous method. In addition, there is a risk to “light up” yourself in the eye.

Well, no one way of holding is suitable for all situations. This is a result of a long and painstaking workouts. Practice, try.

Tactical flashlight and pistol &# 8212; ways to hold

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