7.62 mm Kalashnikov AK103 assault rifle, operating manual 6P45 RE.

Kalashnikov AK103 is designed to study and maintain the machine in constant combat readiness. This manual contains technical specifications and information about the device, the principle of operation of the machine, as well as the basic rules necessary to ensure proper operation and full use of the technical capabilities of the machine. 

Appointment and combat properties of the Kalashnikov AK103 assault rifle.

The 7.62 mm Kalashnikov AK103 assault rifle (index 6P45) is an individual weapon and is designed to destroy manpower and defeat enemy fire weapons. To defeat the enemy in hand-to-hand combat, a bayonet-knife is attached to the machine. For shooting and observation in conditions of natural night illumination, night shooting sights can be attached to the machine gun.

In combination with a machine gun, it is possible to use grenade launchers designed to defeat enemy manpower, openly located on the ground, located in open trenches, trenches and on the reverse slopes of the terrain. To carry and hold the machine, a belt is attached to it. For firing from a machine gun, 7.62 mm cartridges of the 1943 model with ordinary (with a steel core) and tracer bullets are used.

The main structural and ballistic characteristics of the AK103 assault rifle and its cartridges.

in case 1.
Ramrod 1.
Oiler 1.
Strap for carrying small arms 1.
Bayonet 1.
Bag for shops 1.

The composition of the kit and the number of components of the machine can be specified by the supply contract (agreement).

The contents of the manual 7.62 mm Kalashnikov AK103, manual 6P45 RE.


1. Description and work.

1.1 Purpose and combat properties of the machine.
1.2 Specifications.
1.3 the composition of the machine.
1.4 Machine operation.
1.5 Design and purpose of parts and mechanisms of the machine.
1.6 the work of parts and mechanisms of the machine.
1.7 Marking.
1.8 Packing and sealing.

2. Intended use.

2.1 General instructions.
2.2 Safety instructions.
2.3 Preparing the machine for shooting.
2.4 Checking the accuracy of shooting and bringing the machine to normal combat.

3. Maintenance.

3.1 Maintenance of the machine.
3.2 Possible malfunctions and solutions.
3.3 Dismantling and disassembling the machine.
3.4 Cleaning and lubrication.
3.5 Preservation.

4. Maintenance.
5. Storage.
6. Transportation.
7. Disposal of the machine.

Appendix A: We also distinguish constructive features of the operation of the AK103-2 assault rifle.

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