7 basic principles of using shelters when shooting

In recent years, there has been one shelter use. In the effort to summarize all opinions, I choose the 7 most important tips for using shelters.

1. Do not snuggle

The first “rule” of use shelters : never snuggle up shelter. This secondary surface fragments.

Instead, move away from it by 2 meters, at least. Than 50 percent. However, still most tactical shooters, snuggle up to shelter This is a bad idea for reasons already discussed.

2. Do not substitute

During the discussion shelter use few people pay attention to their position. For example, when shooting due to shelters on the “strong” side If you want to take a picture, you can expect it to be 50% of the body and arms.

I know what you are thinking: well, there is no way, and choosing the lesser of two evils. But is it? Not. It is recommended that you follow the rules of the war.

But if you turn your gun on 6 – 8 degrees, then reduce it by 40%? That’s right – 40%! Do not substitute your body for bullets. In fact, it’s a part of your hand. And it’s all.

It is not a problem.

3. Do not shift weapons

Shooting from the “weak” side shelters? Again, established dogma prevails over safety and effectiveness. Bend down (as a rule, while remaining upright).

But is it really efficiency? It is a good idea to choose from the “strong” side. Once again, the answer is no!

For effective shelter use, Two conditions must be considered. First, try to minimize your profile. And when it comes to the “strong” side shelters, this condition applies 100%.

However, at using shelter on the “weak” side of the fire If you move the weapon and then lean (even tilting the weapon, as discussed earlier), you will have

Therefore, it is argued that when shooting from the “weak” side shelter Shot time is more important than the affected area.

How’s done? Simply. Just stay in the main rack. You will always be much faster than the shifting. For all the years of field operator and teacher, I have not yet seen anyone refute this claim.

4. Bottom and edges

Next tip: when possible, shoot from under shelters This rule is also constantly violated. If your shelter low, get down on both knees, lean to the left or right and shoot.

If a shelter For you, remember that you’re So keep your legs together. I even cross my ankles. Then I betrays me. If possible, it’s possible that they’re maximally substitute.

5. Improvise when shooting

Another tip: learn to shoot using “holes” in your shelter. Use any kind of shelters. I call it “shooting from an improvised position,” and the key word here is improvised.

There are no ways to determine the factor here. However, if you don’t have any problems, you can have serious problems.

6. Use your car properly.

For your car is damaged The wheels of the pistols and the shotguns, but only at certain distances.

If you are a passenger or a passenger It is dangerous to get in and out. The door does not constitute good shelter, the knees remain completely open. Do you need to touch it with your hands. Otherwise, it will adversely affect your shooting.

If you are in the vehicle, you can take it over the “lead rain”. The engine compartment withstands almost any hit.

Cartridges for pistols, shotguns and even for rifles .223 caliber wings and wings of the car. However, if you are involved against caliber .308 WIN or more, then you have big problems!

The windshield can be from the distance of 7 meters, but not for long. Pistol bullets, calibers .38 SPL, 9mmP, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, break through the glass, but at the same time significantly deviate upwards.

So I’m on the windshield, just above the janitors). Note that your bullets will go higher from the target.

7. Recharge

Reuse while behind shelter, but this requirement is also often violated.

IPSC match (this is where this method originated). Manipulations to change stores, significantly lower your movement. Seriously, have you ever tried to revolver in motion?

Harder to find a complete shelter.

There are many discussions on “shelters“And” cover “, so let’s define. Shelter – bulletproof. It provides absolute protection against hits. If not, then this is a cover, not shelter.

Modern world really is shelter? Unfortunately not so much. Were you, It has been shown that it has been used to make pistons, shotguns, submachine guns and even rifles. These items are mainly made of plastic and fiberglass.

You can understand what I mean. Most things that are still considered “shelter“, Now actually turned into a” cover. “

All the tips are discussed here. It is true and tested in practice.
Take these tips to heart. If you ever find yourself, then you will not regret them.

author – CHAK TAYLOR
Translation – Yuri Ignatov

Translator’s notes

Unfortunately, letters and combining. It is a self-ironic person

Let’s immediately make a reservation of the material provided. It discusses specific situations and provides specific recommendations. You can’t say that you’re self defense, they say, there is always an opportunity to escape (leave, fly away, swim away) – use it. 2 + 2 = 4. The thought is ingenious and simple.

But there is no way to avoid conflict? This is what you need to keep silence about the “dynamic stereotype“). Published articles are very basic knowledge for dealing with critical situations. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the legislation.

As for the article itself, I’m not allowed to express my opinion on the topic provided.

But first, let’s make a reservation. It is a mentor, a mentor, a mentality, and a mentality. From our point of view, there are some things that will sound absurd, and some even blasphemous. But this is a broad view of the shelter in general. And everyone can learn something for themselves. And even if you brush away the bias towards firearms (including limited damage), safe use and handling shelter Behind the Bottom of the Road

Yet again, shelter This will be the case for the field of view. I would not advise to join “fire contact“And would use this advantage for”covert extinction“(In simple terms -” runaway “). But again, and especially from the side:“ what to do, if nevertheless ”…

Therefore, it is possible to read a copy of the shelter.

For the rest, I will express my point of view. I will try to consider all the tips in order.

    One can only add about the effect of distance to shelters to a safe viewing area shelters. And this is the most common mistake. cuddle, reaction to man. If you can lead to “sad consequences.”
    It would be very difficult for people to see these results in practice.
    Here is the point, I have some doubts. But it seems to be a condition for dynamic shooting. shelter use must be security (for this they seem to be needed). No speed And why use shelter from the “weak” side? If it is not possible to approach from the “strong” side, the weapon will be shifted. shelter. In addition, there are options for “full” and “partial” transfer weapons. These conditions also save time, but are relatively safe. If small shelter, It’s not a problem.
    This is true for all long distance barreled weapons. weapons. Again, with a long-barreled weapon without rearrangement, hold it up. Yes, it is an uncomfortable position during the sector inspection. Well, if you’re a quick way.
    I agree completely. But again, what if shelter is something low and extended (fence, fallen tree, shallow ditch, etc.)? It is a separate concept.
    Well, this is also a truism. It seems that this is a well-being.practical shooting“But I’ve seen it again.” But, again, I saw it at VTAC. A good thing, forcing the body to sweat. Yogi can obzavidovatsya.
    This is a very narrow topic. So, you can’t get a long-barreled weapon. Yes, it’s very difficult to imagine, even if it’s me, it’s very difficult. It’s not a problem. It was checked with a 9x18mm cartridge.

Well, I expressed my thoughts and views on the use shelters. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Chuck taylor. I’ve been trying to find out what I’ve been talking about. I hope they understand me.

7 basic principles of proper use of shelters

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