7 gun myths that too many believe

The first, simple firearms in the thirteenth century, invented, oddly enough, the Chinese. They wanted to use all the explosive power of gunpowder as a harsh weapon of war. But since then, he has fired, to put it mildly, has grown. From the first muskets to modern pistols, to smokeless powder and metal cartridges! But, although they initially developed a firearm for the war, the civilians very quickly understood how cool it would be to provide the family with a protein boy – and they went hunting! And now – now civilians use no less military firearm.

So now firearms It has long been an integral part of American culture – ever since Europeans landed on American shores for the first time, its popularity has not disappeared anywhere from them. Nevertheless, although firearms have long been part of the lives of many and many, only a small percentage of the population actually understands it, and this has generated a lot gun myths, in which, alas, many firmly believe! In fact, there are at least seven firearm myths, who are firmly entrenched in the minds of people that they do not explain.

Gun Myth 1. Gun kills people!

This is one of the favorite arguments of those who are categorically against the right to possession of civilians in arms. Yes, the firearm really developed for the war, but … because the gun – an inanimate object! How can he kill someone? Here we need a reasonable person who specifically intends to shoot at a specific goal. So, this is not a weapon that kills people! It is the people who make the conscious decision to control the lives of others! And firearms – only a tool to achieve the goal.

Weapon myth 2. Hollow bullets are much more deadly than all-metal

Many people believe hollow (expansive) bullets are evil! They are much worse than metal! But after all, all-metal bullets penetrate deeply into the flesh, and they may well, having flown into a person, fly out, so to speak, on the other hand – is this not a danger for passersby ?! Moreover, when they enter the body, they have a tendency to “scour”, which significantly increases the length of the wound channel and the volume of damage. Policeman Lee Juarez developed expansive bullets precisely so that when shooting there was a lower risk of hurting a passerby, and not to make them more painful and more terrible!

Weapon myth 3. The assault weapon – exactly what any bandits and villains use!

The term “assault weapons” have introduced anti-gun media to refer to military weapons, which really could not be used in everyday life. We are talking about M16 – Initially, this rifle was designed as a field weapon, only recently the military released a more compact version, the M4A1, which is ideal for defending your home. The civil version is designated as AR-15, It can be used for a variety of purposes, including hunting. How do you hide a rifle ?! It is logical that the most common gun is the favorite weapon of the bandits – it can be made invisible, unlike the bulky rifle.

Weapon Myth 4. Large Capacity Stores Kill More People!

All these funny people who are trying to keep firearms under control, are trying to assure us that if we ban large-capacity stores, the massacres will stop! But most of all the murders of such a plan are carried out … four shots. In addition, if we are already talking about psychos who arrange mass executions like at Columbine or the Virginia Polytechnic University, the study showed the most important thing: they carefully planned their attacks, and in the first case 13 shops were used, and in the second – all 17. And you say, big stores are to blame for everything, of course.

Weapon myth 5. The right to buy weapons allows maniacs to buy firearms!

If you want to buy a firearm, then first your seller will need to obtain a Federal Firearms license, which allows the firearm to be sold, in fact, and according to the license, he will have to adhere to the strictest rules. When you are going to buy weapons from this licensed dealer (you simply cannot buy them legally from someone else!), You will need to fill out a special form with the name, date of birth, place of residence and other joys – according to which the special services will check you perfectly. So, what can a criminal do to buy a “gun”? Either buy from under the floor, or steal. According to the Department of Legal Studies, criminals take 78.8 percent of their firearms from friends and family members, and buy 39.2 from underground workers, nobody takes from licensed dealers!

Weapon Myth 6. Polymer-cased guns are not translucent by security scanners

What can I say, their truth is worse seen on the x-ray than hand gun with metal cases. But you can still see them! The contour of the pistol (to put it mildly, characteristic!) Is translucent! In addition, even in polymer pistols there are metal parts: a drum, a bolt, a trigger. So how can they not be detected? So what if they have lightweight polymer shells. Contours and metal parts are not going anywhere.

Gun Myth 7. The car can be shot through!

This myth will never stop surprising me. How can people be trusting! How can you really believe that a gun can get into the engine block cars! Of course, there are powerful hunting rifles from which to actually shoot animal scales per tonne … but the usual hunting rifles, which are now on sale, by no means generate so much kinetic energy to accomplish such a feat. In addition, the bullets that are designed for hunting, designed using a lead core with a copper “shirt”, and they do not have enough penetrating power even to penetrate a centimeter into the steel plate, what can we say about the engine block? Therefore, if you already want to shoot cylinders, you will need a highly specialized military rifle, the same .50 BMG Barret, equipped with uranium armor-piercing cartridges. Here then the odds appear. Although still the heck with two you shoot through the car.

What can I say in conclusion? A bunch of people holds in the heads above gun myths, but, that his, banal logic and a little bit of research – and it is absolutely obvious that these are merely myths based on the fear of the unknown. The main misfortune of mankind is the errors caused by the banal lack of knowledge.

Original article – 7 Common Gun Myths That Too Many People Believe

7 gun myths that too many believe

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