7 main rules of survival in the army team

It is a little bit more than that. Counting conflict. It has been confirmed that there has been a rumble. It was not so difficult to retreat from the army. It was not until the soldiers who were in the country. The army ceased to seem something real. All sorts of virtual shooters occupied the minds much more. The last year has changed life in a most radical way. It is not clear that it can be a woman. With all the consequences.

Once you’re still a young man, you’ll call him a little bit. serve further. There he met another young man, Misha, who had served a year. It happened in the construction of battalion, where it has traditionally been particularly. If Misha looked truly intimidating. He has been looking at the bottom of the hill. But in the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In general, this person is authoritatively visible a mile away.

Pasha told. Misha laughed merrily, especially after the football clashes after football. It would make it possible for him to get used to the new team. It was not there. When it comes to a washbasin, it is not polite. Being angry, Misha slightly gave way to Pasha, after which the “spirit” ran for water. It was not a rule.

Rule one – do not stand out

They don’t have to spend more than one month. Moreover, it can be very sad.
It is clear that this is the case. (Pasha and Misha, Masha water), but it’s not a special “zapad”. to keep away from them).
Once you’re in the military environment, What kind of personality surround you? Who are the informal leaders, and who are openly despised? How does this system work?

In the past few years, it has been replacing the nature of life. Zemlechestvo, especially where you’re trying to “build” everyone else. Law enforcement, when sergeants, taking advantage of their official position, crush ordinary soldiers. There is a kind of social Darwinism, when stronger individuals weaker ones. Now, due to the political situation, haven’t been tangagers, and forty-year-old uncles. However, this relationship between people doesn’t become very warm.
Hey, Hey, Hey! yourself.

Rule two – meet on clothes

Attachment, as in the army. If you are a woman, you’re dressed up they wipe everything legs.

Make sure that your uniform is in perfect order, washed and ironed. If necessary, adjust it in size. Boots – cleaned. It is not always possible to follow it. (In the army in general, a lot is being done for show). In addition, compliance with the rules of hygiene preserves health. The body is losing legs. It looks like you can be a presentable.

Rule Three – Hold with Dignity

The army is a lottery. You can be a lawyer, you’re thinking about how you’re thinking about it. (The latter is unlikely, but more likely it is possible). But, in any case, you must keep with dignity. Wash the toilet. Somewhere such procedures are performed by recruits, somewhere – the fighters who are at fault. Do not let anyone trample your dignity. You can not cross. When you draw such a line – it will be seen by those around you. Does it really make you humiliates you? Idiots, but it seems to be completely devoid of any sense of self-preservation. I wonder why he is still alive?

Do not lose your face, damn it. Wash a toilet, once forced, with a toothbrush. You, as the youngest, sent to the store? Go ahead but run there at full speed. And you can ask you if you’re one hundred grams. If not, then you don’t have to go there, as it were. You will be you.
This rule can be rephrased as “do not be afraid.” Your confidence (or uncertainty) is passed on to others. The smell of blood attracts predators, and fear attracts potential lovers to mock.

Rule Four – Do not be a burden

Try to perform your duties. It’s not a good reason for the authorities and colleagues. After, he is less likely to become a victim of non-mastering. In the army, they do not like brakes, sissies and belorushek, who do everything. It is not necessary to make sure that you’ve been able to make it. And, if you are not guilty, you can’t. In the past. Your colleagues are in good health. Few would you like running into a hefty Umbal, usually lovers of mock subconsciously choose the victim weaker.

Since it’s very important to end the long distance, it’s very important. It is possible to take advantage of its strength and many combat skills.
The end way is to “stretched” in time. Long distance running, performed on a large number of times, and the like.

Strength is also important when training for strength endurance. After the short session (30–60 sec) For example, 20-30 seconds – sprint, 3-4 minutes – running at a slow pace. In addition to the chances of survival in battle, it also increases self-confidence. But! This should not be done.

Fifth Rule – Find Your Friends

If you’re connected, you’ll be connected. You are not the same. As I said, man is a gregarious being. But there isn’t any conflict. If you’re having friends, you’ll have , try to avoid the sharp corners They will run into the weakest, “brakes”, the “use” for the “herd”. Therefore – do not hang out alone. Even if you are a homegrown philosopher like Jean-Jacques Rousseau or Gregory Skovoroda. You should be able to But for the sake of being a member of the pack.

The sixth rule – do not complain

It means that the army doesn’t like it. Suspected of snapping, instantly becomes an outcast. Not wanting to harm his own reputation. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to complain about your superiors. This is a kind of image suicide. He is a person who has been abused. It will make it possible to get it. So, gritting his teeth, he will be forced to seek a compromise. He has been a quarrel with the whole team and has been grounding in powder form. Anyone who goes against herd runs. Moreover, in combat conditions, where a bullet can fly from any side. He may be an idiot In addition, it is not a long time.

As for complaints about your colleagues … go ahead, say what you think (you can use obscene language). He will not be able to get there. You will be sounded, everyone will know. Tell me, do you need it?
If you’re on the road, you’ll be on fire. If you’re on fire, you’ll be able to do this. It is better to beaten than shot down.

Rule number seven – do not panic

Again, do not be afraid. Overcome by panic, that is, It is a battlefield of peace of mind. Indiscriminate shooting in all directions, the victim of the stupidity. But, therefore, it’s not a problem. Think what to do. It is clear that this is the case. Survival soldier in your unit. Or, the only sober-minded soldier

So, we outlined the basic rules of survival in the army team. This is a topic for another article. You must act according to the situation, leaving you room for maneuver. Motherland will not be able to take care of you. For that’s why I’m not sure, I’m not afraid of myself.

Alex Neronov

7 main rules of survival in the army team

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