7 minutes of survival

It is not a bad idea.

There are seven such errors, and here they are:

1. Tell everyone how well you prepared!

You get time, get ready, find it. We’re not so bad. We are talking about our stocks.

It is a memory card. Saiga and service PM! “What do you think?”

2. Forget about plans!

So there is a good first-aid kit. But what do you need in different cases? It will be important that you get there.

For your visit, you will have to. It is possible to make a quick shortcomings.

3. Break the law!

If you are looking for windows windows and dragging your windows. Well, what’s so scary, huh? After all, the shop owners can simply buy damages for insurance.

Perhaps they have insurance, but most likely it is not. In case of emergency, no resources will be free. The masters can kill you. You can be trampled down by those.

It’s not worth breaking the law.

4. Shoot marauders on the spot!

There are several reasons why you should hang a sign “Marauders shot on the spot“- it is a bad idea:

  1. This is a sign for everyone that you have a weapon. Weapons – this is also a resource, do not forget about it. I can kill you for your sake of your gun.
  2. You shoot them, they shoot you. They could be worth your life. With gummies or with life.
  3. Restored. You can’t make up your mind

If you don’t have a weapon, you shouldn’t be attacked first. Shooting marauders on the spot is not self-defense.

5. Forget about home security!

It is a place to take shelter in a safe place. During natural disasters, wars, and other forces increases significantly.

Make it safer. It is better to put on it. It should be noted that they may not decide any further.

6. Stay at home regardless of the conditions!

It can be difficult to live on a sheltered shelter from a city. If there is a chance, it’s not a problem.

Do not carry! If you are a woman, you can become one.

Do you really need to go for a long time?

7. Drink unfiltered tap water!

It is clear that the water flows from the nursery to the bottom.

In early November 2016 In Makhachkala, more than 700 people were hospitalized due to tap water poisoning. It was a breakthrough due to long rains.

During natural disasters, or even simply because of the negligence of employees of responsible organizations.

It is not only necessary to filter water during emergencies, natural disasters or other global problems. It is not the most expensive investment in your health and tranquility.

Original article: 7 Urban Survival Mistakes That Could Get You Killed

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