7 of the deadliest special forces in the world

They are where ordinary soldiers are afraid to go. The elite of the army, the best of the army. He is a group of forces that is a group of forces. In this small, deadly prepared world, there is also its own elite.

They are rightly considered the most deadly.

1. Black storks. Pakistan

The sabotage and fighter squad of the Mujahideen, which was once led by Usama bin Laden.

It is a clear message that it’s not a matter of course.

2. Unidad de Operaciones Especiales. Spain

Since 2009, it has been the stratum of the most deadly warriors in the world.

It was a voluntary association.

3. Detachment “Alpha”. Russia

The special forces group “Alpha” is in the whole world.

This is the elite anti-terrorism unit of the organization, the FSB.

4. Sayeret Matkal. Israel

Sayeret Matkal.

The country has been involved in many countries of the Middle East. The personnel of the company 262 is highly classified.

5. Special boat service. Great Britain

American fur seals.

This is a selection of survivors of interest. If you’re not happy, you’re not happy.

6. Detachment “Delta”. USA

Delta Force – the fight against terrorism and the uprisings. The same group performs secret missions outside the country.

In particular, the soldiers of “Delta” were seen during the last fighting in Syria.

7. GIGN intervention group. France

GIGN has always been part of the French national gendarmerie, and therefore has a military status.

In the professional manner and often get the hostages.

7 of the deadliest special forces in the world

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