7 rules of awareness

Jeff Cooper is a wonderful person in the middle of the twentieth century. He worked on a number of seminars, wrote several books. It is also known as the Cooper’s Color Code.

The system is degree of preparedness for danger, cobalt in red, he couldn’t get to his head.

You should be able to recognize the first danger signals. If you are going to go to the “red color”

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What is so interesting about this article? – you ask. It’s a bit of a mess. It is a person who wants to relax. So you need to be able to. It will help you to continue your training.

1. Check in advance the escape route.

It should be noted. If, for example, you need to go through the window. But in any case, it needs to be in the public order. And at the same time remember that fire exits (surprise!) Are also sometimes closed.

2. Plan a safe route.

In any city there are safe and dangerous areas. But even in safe areas, there are 100 percent. It doesn’t matter. Either by location or by time. For example, you can’t have it. Where alcohol is sold. It is not necessary to switch to the “orange mode”.

3. Follow people

It can be provoked. Actually, it can be provoked. It is necessary to follow imperceptibly, with a scattered look, as if by chance. Or even peripheral vision. Chameleon glasses or sunglasses “I’m starting to react.”

4. Do not limit your own hearing and vision.

Forget about the headphones. It is better to hear what you want to pinch. You can watch your work.

5. Flashlight

It is a highlight the road. A flashlight, especially a metal one, can be painfully struck and stunned properly if you strike suddenly. In order to blind the aggressor. If it comes to that. It can be safely and discreetly worn.

6. Handy tools

If you want to use it, you can’t use it. If you can not do it with improvised means. Still, a handful of keys can be inserted in the backhand. That’s it.

7. Keychain from alarm

Actual for those who have a car. The question of a key fob.

In general, it is not so difficult in its essence. If you’re a little bit harsh, you’ll be able to spend that much time. It is much more difficult to find out. talk about this some other time.

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