7 steps to salvation: crash

It is an ancient greece.

You can’t imagine what you’re thinking about. a large part of the plane crashes occur during takeoff or landing. Perhaps it is sometimes easier to move towards a storm. It is not the case. Well, if you still need to stay alive.

For every one of you survived. So let it be you!

7 steps to salvation: crash

1. Wear comfortable flight wool clothes or, at worst, cotton.

And forget about synthetics: polyester, nylon. For the bottom of the water falls into cold water. The dress should not be long, the shoes should be closed, with low heels. If you are on the go

2. Choose chair near the emergency exit.

Do you need to go for a carriageway?

3. Listen to the safety instructions with attention.

This knowledge can save your life.

4. Count in advance and remember the number of seats, separating you from emergency exit from the plane.

It is possible to get out of touch. In rag.

5. During the crash do not panic and stay fastened no matter how it happens.

The best belt of all the bones of the pelvis. In advance, as the stewardess said: she will not advise the bad. Fold your finger on the back of the chair. Clasping your ears. Forward and clasp your knees. Protect your feet as much as possible.

6. Always follow staff instructionsHelp: Others

Do not try to take a backpack with a camera, or a suitcase with documents from a plane. Keep in mind the most important things in your pockets, and forget about the rest.

7. After plane crashes do your best leave the aircraft As soon as possible.

And when you get out, it’s about 200 meters. After that, wait for the rescuers: everything you could, you have already done. (with)

In the photo: seven years ago, on January 15, the most incredible This is the Airbus A320-214 aircraft that has been taken at this point, successfully landed on the Hudson River! He added that he would be able to travel to the United States. On board at that moment were 155 people. All survived thanks to the immaculate skill of the pilots!

7 steps to salvation: crash

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