7 “stimulating kicks” to firearm owners

If you have a weapon for self defense, consider these tips.
Author – Leroy Thompson

It is not clear.

License for a safe haven.

However, this order of affairs does not occur in all countries. As a result, the owner of the weapon must significantly expand their knowledge on their own. It’s a rule that I’m trying to give some tips:

1. Nothing can replace practice

Firstly, any person who has a weapon must be in practice. At least four or six times a year. But many owners do not even do this.

At the minimum, it is recommended that you try it. Remember, I said: “MINIMUM.” I would suggest more.

It is not an athlete. She shoots 50 rounds. She usually shoots 50 more rounds, practicing the tactical exercises that I ask her. Periodically, I train her at home with a discharged weapon.

Translator comment:
Leroy Thompson says that you need to shoot 2 times a year. You can have experience, or you are familiar with the basics of shooting.

In order to get a license It is necessary to take courses of safe use of weapons. But it is a very, very scant and short program. It takes a person to perform control exercises. Situations in which situations can be experienced?

However, this is sufficient for most citizens. It is not. This is one of the ways to use weapons. It is always a matter of course to get a license.

Exist additional courses increase the level of possession of personal weapons. But they are not always available.
So two times a year is hardly enough. I would advise you to make a package of cartridges according to a specific program and methodology. Believing in yourself.

To learn self defense with weapons It doesn’t seem to be a competent instructor and periodic training at home.

2. The reality of training

I also recommend that you train in non-standard positions. This may include: practicing firing with a turn, lying down, from the knees, etc.

Please note that there are no rules for this. There are several times when the workouts at home.

You also need to know how to work. Much depends on your physique. I was taught, not seeking to break out of the grip, even if grabbed from behind. Again, before practicing it in practice, I coached her for a long time at home with a discharged weapon.

Translator comment:
Of course, practicing shooting from different positions should be the basis of training. It’s not. So shooting skills from non-standard positions is a reflection of reality. After mastering the basic skills of shooting.

And it’s not a problem. “It’s what you’re talking about.”
How real is this option? No, I don’t argue that I’m not so good.

And what will happen if you perform this technique in real conditions. I tried (I always try to check on the grass): I’m not always comfortable, I’m trying to check it out. . There is a possibility that he will not be able to cope with it, even with full concentration.

In addition, it is designed for a subject with a knife suits you. It is necessary to make a decision. I’ve been trying to make sure I’ve lost it.

Again, I thought, what would I do next, even if I stopped him? Where will he fall? How will I rise? Will it keep me from his knife?
The conclusions are not optimistic.

3. Work with equipment

You must know your weapons.

It would be a good deal. It makes it possible for his enemy to reach his weapon. I’m kneeling, I’m not sure what I’m trying to score.

Translator comment:
This is a topic. I bought it. There are ways to wear the holster. It depends on the training method. Well, of course, it’s not sure that it will wear it.

I always say that there will be a situation for any category. Very often, the type of weapon “cools” wild heads. Well, if the weapon was placed, then …

4. When things go wrong

It is advisable to proceed from the worst scenarios. Learn the basic malfunctions with their elimination in practice.
It is also possible that your rifle arm will be damaged. Therefore, almost every workout, I shoot a few rounds with my supporting hand.

One more emergency exercise, which I recommend applies to those who wear glasses. It can be lost during the fight. If you have poor eyesight, you can still hit the distance at 10 meters. You are not capable of it. An instructor. I found that I could get in it.

Translator comment:
It is a weapon with this handing. Also consider the possibility of removing the weapon from the prone position. Knocked down. Will it be able to remove the weapon?

5. Special circumstances

Your lifestyle determines the way you carry weapons. For example, in cold weather, if your coat is buttoned, move the holster into the coat pocket.

My friends from the St. For a 4-inch revolver, sewn into a pocket. This is a really good idea. I use a pocket for a winter jacket.

Restaurant or on a park bench. If you’re in a restaurant, you’ll have to do it.

Also explore other aspects of your lifestyle. For example, sometimes I am walking my Airedale Terrier. It is 35 This is a doggie.

Another situation may arise, suggesting your house, suggesting the presence of an intruder inside. It means that they will not be able to get there before they arrive.

However, if you haven’t been your choice. Pull the weapon closer to you and inspect the openings gradually. In fact, it’s not a problem.

I was briefly outlined by the person licensed to carry hidden. I like your tactics. Additional education and training will take time and possibly specialized courses.

It is not only the beginning!

Translator comment:
It is a good idea to consider ways of protection with the weapon in the car. It will be clear that there will be a ball in it. companions (ways of making money are different).

If you’re a weapon, then you’ll be a weapon. Superfluous will not be exactly. But again, try to find qualified people in this matter. For on the Internet a large amount of information, often contradicting each other. “EVERY SUSLIK – AGRONOM”

Thompson wrote interestingly,

6. Learn weapons protection techniques

To learn how to defend their weapons. It will make it possible to take possession of your gun. If you are not trained in countermeasures, he will easily achieve his goal.

If you’re an attacker? I weigh 100 kilograms and I’m sure I can inflict damage on this technique. However, I don’t like to have a pistol from the grip.

It is a scrapping of the gun. It is easy to break when you’re fighting for a gun. If you cant shoot.

It becomes impossible to use it. You can remove.

Translator comment:
Here is another good advice. Often, courses on defense weapons are a stupid copying of foreign experts. Well, that is beautiful, and popular.

One question: CARTRIDGE IN THE CARTRIDGE. There is a list of different courses. I’m not sure where I’m looking for it. ”

However, it comes to an algorithm for action. It’s easier to be a monkey. Although it is possible to interpret it in the chamber. But again, try to think through.

7. Tactical thinking

This is an important aspect of the hidden weapons that is often overlooked is tactical thinking. You should be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for suspicious people. If they fall into your radar range, assume that you have

Do not go at night through the parks and squares. Be very careful in garages and parking lots. Lock the doors of your car while driving. It is a safe place.

I would include family members in the “safety plan”. You will be in an emergency. For example, I’m trying to take her hostage. I can pull her out.

However, I’m confident that I’ve been able to make it out. my family.

I read articles about body armor. If you come for you.

It is easy to develop a “hero complex” and start saving everyone. But they are not shouting out: “Citizens are a step forward!”.

You will arrive at the scene. Try to break behind the cover.

Most “urban predators” are not trained in shooting. May give you an edge. For example, I’m a trainer, I’m a trainer and I’m a trainer.

Shooting from above shooters.

Translator comment:
It is your responsibility.

If you don’t have to

I would like to leave the “battlefield” to the defeated opponent.

And provide for the possibility of legal consequences. WHAT and TO WHOM YOU WILL TELL.

Afterword from the translator

But I’m not my personal opinion. In my judgments, I tried to learn.

If someone is offended, I apologize.

Translation and Comments – Yuri Ignatov

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