7 tips for a winter

Whether you like it or not, winter is near. So, you need to prepare for it, especially motorists. Their safety conditions will depend entirely on readiness of their car. It would be an insurmountable problem.

Winter tires

They are not only for driving in the snow. Grip on cold asphalt. And they are much safer than conventional tires, especially in winter, when the degrees drops below 7 degrees Celsius. They are also equipped with a more aggressive and deep protector, which more effectively prevents slipping.

Wiper blades

In principle, at least 2 times a year. It makes it possible to avoid cracks. Also, loosen and the adjustment of the worsens. Brushes begin to leave streaks on the glass that interfere with vision. And in winter period this is especially dangerous. And yes, do not forget the process preparing the car for the winter if you have a hatchback or SUV.


In the cold weather, you can break it in the winter. Especially if they have been actively exploited for several years. Also make sure they are well fixed and not corroded. There is no problems.

Emergency set

If you’re waiting for some time for help. Therefore, when preparing the car for the winter A pair of shoes for a couple of them.

Windscreen washer

It is not necessary to take it away from the road. It is harmful to water when it freezes.


Before using the cooler, make sure that it is not too hot. It keeps track of the cooling system. In addition, make sure they’re expensive to change.

Change of oil

All oils are condensed at low temperatures. But there is no need for it. You know preparing the car for the winter. After all, you can reduce your fuel consumption well.

Source – 7 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter Weather

What can I add? It seems to be a lot of advice, it can be seen. Do not worry about the situation.

Own security

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