7 useful inventions left after the war

They say that laziness is the engine of progress. Yes, perhaps it is. However, it shows how much time has been intensively cultivated. So it is rather a war – the engine of progress. It’s not a problem. useful inventions, gained popularity even in peacetime. So.


Now it is extremely useful inventionIt is easy to find a way to transport gasoline. A canister appeared thanks to the Third Reich. In 1937, canisters. But they were still far from ideal, as the cans flowed regularly. Due to chemical abrasion of the bottom. After winning the war, he won’t be able to capture his cans.

Super glue

There is such a common misconception that cyanoacrylate was invented during World War II specifically for bonding wounds. This is only partly true. Yes, that’s when it’s useful. invention and come up with. But no, they were not intended. riflescopes. However, he was a chemist, and he rejected it, because it turned out to be sticky. But soon it was the stickiness and was appreciated. As for the bonding wounds, the superglue was already quite popular.


Yes, this universal repair tool was also invented during the Second World War. This is not the case. It will help you to get rid of it. Therefore, it was originally made in camouflage color. But technicians quickly appreciated the potential of this. useful invention and begin to apply it anywhere. It is more than once.

Spring “Slinky”

In 1943, he worked as a mechanical engineer during the pitching process. And in the process, James has been dropped to one of the springs, which he had high hopes. Spring began to “walk.” And although for military purposes it fun invention not useful, but after demobilization, I made millions, I’ve gotten away from my wife’s Fear the springs “Slinki” – they can destroy life!


In 1942, engineer Percy Spencer, who was engaged in technology at that time, discovered that microwave radiation can heat products. It seems that it’s a bar of chocolate melted in his pocket. Most likely, it was a sickly burn. But the fact remains – at first it’s useful invention began to use the military, and then civilians.


So. The end of the nineteenth century, France. In power Napoleon III, It’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem. What to feed the army? If you are a woman, you can replace it. Hippolyte Mege-Mourier chemist. Beef tallow was melted, cooled, pressed and mixed with milk residues. To taste you can add a little salt. The product was nutritionally and inexpensively feed the soldiers. It has already become legendary.

Canned food

There are no limits on how to preserve food. There is a number of flaws that have been taken. Therefore, it was necessary to ensure that it can be used. And one Nicolas Francois Upper did the task. True, the jars were originally glass, but these are trifles. But when Peter Durand in 1810 invented the food tin, it useful invention finally stuck in the soldiers’ diet. True, opening the canned food at first was how problematic.

7 useful inventions left after the war

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