8 best cars for survival in post-apocalypse

You can’t always be in the comfort of your child’s life. The question arises, what to move on? And in our hypothetical apocalypse we can get it. We will not consider something ordinary, like Jeep wrangler or Hummer H2s, they are good and you already know them.

Below we look at 8 interesting Vehicle, which may be useful for survival in postapocalypse. We consider only the utility. Let’s be honest, if you need a piece of water.


Local Motors Rally FighterLocal Motors Rally Fighter

Local Motors ’Rally Fighter It is advertised with an unprecedented maneuverability and expensive of everyday cars. In short, on this survival vehicle You can safely drive through all 50 states (USA) without experiencing any problems. It’s a car of choice.


Paramount Marauder (© Top Gear)Paramount Marauder (© Top Gear)

A hummer for breakfast, which is quite possible. In fact, it is a mini-fortress on wheels. It can be used to accommodate the average family. You can even go to your bunker. If you buy it, this monster is worth half a million dollars. But you can get good protection from zombies, grenades and improvised explosive devices from C4.


UNICAT Expeditionary VehicleUNICAT Expeditionary Vehicle

Like Marauder, Unicat’s Expeditionary Vehicle designed to travel everywhere, literally. Line of these cars for survival bunch of options 6–6 Amerigo International. The car is slightly relaxed to look at least civilized. The list of options is too big to list here. This is a vehicle with 400 liters of water, it can be used for a vehicle that has a battery of And you can go on and on …


Conquest Knight XV Urban Assault VehicleConquest Knight XV Urban Assault Vehicle

Insofar as Knight XV developed as urban assault car, it doesn’t have that for survival, as in Marauder and Unicat. However, it’s designed to survive. There is a tantrum on the body.


Oshkosh TPV Tactical Protector VehicleOshkosh TPV Tactical Protector Vehicle

Like the previous car, Oshkosh TPV – Assault and assault. The body can withstand a 14.5mm caliber armor-piercing cartridge! It has loopholes. In general, you can safely get in and out. The manufacturer also offers biological, chemical and anti-nuclear protection, as an option. However, like Knight XV, the car itself is not intended for long survival in it.


Sportsmobile 4WD Adventure VehicleSportsmobile 4WD Adventure Vehicle

This is what we used to call a “van”. It was made of the E350 chassis, it was made of HGH and rocket fuel. The survival vehicle For example, it can be used as a guideline. This is not an armored fortress, but a good one. survival option. It is a 175-liter tank, and there is a retractable tent on the roof.


Argo 8? 8 Frontier EFI Amphibious VehicleArgo 8? 8 Frontier EFI Amphibious Vehicle

Those living in the wilderness of Canada are well aware of these cars. This is a monster fly away. There are no external passengers, there is no external protection. The car is very manoeuvrable. If you’re looking for a car, you can buy it.


Discovery 67 Blue Water SailboatDiscovery 67 Blue Water Sailboat

Yes, it’s a sailboat, it’s not a car, but it’s not. Away from the ground, may be a good option. Modern sailboats Blue water feel comfortable in the open ocean, even in harsh conditions. Inside, there are regular house. The wind is passing by. As the fuel runs out in the tanks. Yes, do not forget a captain’s cap.

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8 best cars for survival in post-apocalypse

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