8 best portable powerbank batteries

This is what you’ve seen on Facebook, Messenger, Vkontakte, Instagram, Trello, Twitter, Foursqare. And all from a mobile phone. Charge of about 1% in 30 seconds. It was 10%, and it began to demand food. It is a program that makes it possible to use it. But it is a device that connects you to the network.

In this case, an external battery will help. Has divorced them already, that of mushrooms. But of course, there are better, but there is worse. We offer you top batteries. And so what to buy – you decide.

Anker astro pro2

Compact charger for Iron Man suit. 20,000 mAh – will be fully charged at least 6 times. Yes, and it will be possible to charge 10 times. In addition, the device has PowerIQ technology. The battery has an LCD display, which displays useful information. In addition, the metal case protects the Anker Astro Pro2 from mechanical damage.

Anker astro mini

It will be a little bit more than a lipstick, or an e-book, or a player. The capacity of the device is 3000 mA / h.

EasyAcc PowerBank

It can charge two gadgets at the same time. Its capacity is equal to 10,000 mA / h, therefore it is capable of supporting it. Enough not to get bored during a long trip. Another battery has a convenient design. Worth to pay attention to him.

PowerAll PBJS12000R

This battery has an impressive capacity of 12000 mA / h. It’s not a problem. There are no connections for a flashlight.

Joos Orange

This is a more serious device. This is a battery that doesn’t really need a grid for recharging. Reason: a battery is built into Joos Orange. Therefore, in a sunny weather.

Topg thor

Everything is simple here. 7000 mA / h. Just great.

Mipow power cube

This battery is designed for “apples”. Therefore, for charging products “Apple” will not be useful any adapters. To what they are. There are several times that you can charge your MacBook. It has a capacity of 5400 mAh.

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Charger

Another unusual pattern. Unusual due to the fact that it runs on hydrogen. Charge your smartphone. A full battery charge will last for 6 cycles. It is a fact that it’s not a matter of course.

Source – Don’t Panic Magazine

8 best external batteries. What energy source will suit you?

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