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We’ve been trying to get the best of you. Canada, Australia, for example, fought in Afghanistan. We must not forget about Israel. Let’s look at countries where you can serve in combat units.


Australia acted very succinctly: you pull the standards – serve, fighter! And since 2011, they were formerly banned for women. It was created to integrate women into combat units; This was the case with the military units. Today, in the Australian armed forces, 10% of employees are women.


In 1989, Canada. However, in 2000, women were given a green light. He was the first deputy commander of a combat unit. Approximately 15 percent of the canadian armed forces are currently in women. In 2006, he was an observer in the field with the Taliban forces.


Since 1988, there has been a policy of “total entry” in Denmark, which followed. According to the Danish Ministry of Defense, “the study showed that women showed themselves in the ground combat missions just like men.” Although it’s still a matter of course, it’s not worth it.


In the French army there are a lot of women: 20% of the contingent. However, they can’t hold certain positions for combat riots. And in the line infantry – no question. However, there are only 1.7% of these units are women.


Norway put on any combat positions, including in submarines. In addition, Norwegian women will be called upon if mobilized.

They were troops and artillery.

New zealand

Women in New Zealand were sent in 2001; Infantry, artillery, armored troops, intelligence. It has been the case for 4 years. However, integration of women into battle formations requires concerted and deliberate efforts.


Germany in 2001, this dramatically increased the number of women soldiers. Already in 2009, more than 800 women served in combat units.


Of course, Israel comes to mind. For Israel, 24 months IDF. It’s 18 years of age. However, there are exceptions. About a third of the girls. Causes: pregnancy or religious considerations. At the end of military service, most women are exempted from military training every year.

Back to 1948, during the War of Independence. Then in Israel was a very difficult situation. This is a part of the motherland. They have been trained in the field of infantry. After this war, women were no longer sent to military operations.

In Israel, there are divisions of the “Karakal Battalion”. In 2001, The Office of Women of the Military IDF. The Office was headed by General Suzy Yogev.

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