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Gaston Glock (Gaston Glock) was not going to create a “perfect gun”. Instead, an ordinary engineer with experience with polymer materials wanted to design a gun that meets the strict criteria of the Austrian army to replace obsolete models that were in service.

The first version of the draft pistol called “Patent number 17”, now known to all lovers of weapons as Glock 17 caliber 9? 19, won the contract in 1982, the Austrian army and soon became the most popular pistol in the world. Glock 17 still remains the standard weapon of NATO troops.

Millions of people around the world trust their lives in the quality of pistols Glock, but popularity and perfection are usually mutually exclusive factors.

There are no ideal ways to satisfy every customer, but nevertheless, thanks to Gaston Glock, every gun owner Glock can, based on his polymer platform, build up his unique pistol to fit his needs. There is a huge amount of modifications. Glock 17, from adding a night sight to changing the effort on the trigger. People create their own “perfect gun” in parts, as a plastic surgeon restores a patient’s face after an accident.

Although some modifications require the participation of an experienced gunsmith, most improvements are available even to the ordinary owner of the weapon in a matter of minutes. Knowing this, I (the author of the article, Dusty Gibson – ed), eagerly went in search and testing of the most popular modifications for pistols Glock, improving this polymeric “miracle”.


So, the first thing I wondered about was the scope. Standard front and rear sight Glock 17 made of plastic, which in itself is not so bad, but if you’re a shooter IPSC or IPDA or a person who constantly carries a weapon, this option is not suitable for you. Plastic sights quite suitable for shooting, but with frequent removal of a pistol from a holster and during transportation, they are erased with time, which can be a problem. Also at night the standard plastic sights with not very bright paint practically useless.

Metal sight for Glock pistols from the company Trijicon, model GL11Metal sight for Glock pistols from the company Trijicon, model GL11

Well, there is a way out: on the right you can see the metal sights from company Trijicon; The model in the photo is called GL11. Trijicon sights with bright marks of tritium are made of metal, have good resistance to mechanical loads and are clearly visible in the dark, just what you need for the shooter.

Installation of such sights Usually does not require appeal to the gunsmith, you can install them yourself, having the usual tools and a firm hand.

The next thing I noticed is …


Staff trigger, Installed at the factory, it is very convenient and meets the requirements of most shooters for weapons for constant wear. The descent force is 2.5 kg, which is quite reasonable and safe.

EDGE: modification of the descent for Glock 17EDGE: modification of the descent for Glock 17

The site GlockTriggers.com presents several systems for various purposes to modify your Glock 17. Including the system Edge, approved by sport shooting associations IDPA and USPSA. This system is characterized by the load on the descent of just 1.6 kg and greater durability, which allows to achieve the best results in shooting competitions. In a set of 7 parts, but it is quite possible to install it in some 15 minutes.

Then I thought about a more convenient grip pistol grip.

Pistol grip

Different arrows improve in different ways. pistol grip. Make the handle wider or rougher, for a more confident grip. Someone uses the usual self-adhesive skin for skateboards, cutting it into shape. But a more suitable option is a special granular or rubberized lining, such as from the company. Talon. These coatings are easily installed using a regular hair dryer.

Talon Trims and GFA Adapter from Grip Force ProductsTalon Trims and GFA Adapter from Grip Force Products

For avoidance of injury in case of improper capture by the company Grip force Products adapter is available GFA, which is installed directly on the handle of the gun with a special clip.

And now…


Usually, shooters have no complaints about the quality of the factory trunks of the company Glock, but if you want to install a muzzle compensator, a silencer, or use a different caliber, you will definitely have to replace trunk, and in the case of a change in caliber, often the store.

The inner surface of the barrel gun GlockThe inner surface of the barrel gun Glock

Some shooters also use stainless steel trunks, such as Lone wolf and Storm lake, which improves barrel durability and accuracy when using other ammunition.

Replacing the barrel does not require special skills and is easily made by anyone.

Gate delay reset button

Usually shutter release button very tight, especially on new pistols, and she has a low profile that can be inconvenient.

Glock gun bolt reset buttonGlock gun bolt reset button

It is replaced by a high profile is quite simple, such a button is included as standard Glock 34 and Glock 35. Since the main components of pistols Glock are identical in all models, you can easily buy a spare gate delay reset button from Glock 34 or Glock 35 and install it on your pet Glock 17-th model.

Store reset button

In the first 3 generations of pistols Glock store reset button was low profile, which is not always the case. Noticing this, the company Glock in the 4th generation of pistols, she used a button with a high profile, which was also not liked by everyone, and some owners complained about its sharp edges. Everyone can not please, and if you are unhappy with the regular button, then you should pay attention to store reset buttons from firms Tangodown or JP.

Glock 17 high profile store reset buttonsGlock 17 high profile store reset buttons

Go to the actual shopping.


This seems to be the easiest modification of your gun. For Glock 17 there are many different of stores: increased capacity, increasing the grip area of ​​the handle, as well as with increased mass, for easy fall out of the mine the store, which saves important fractions of a second in shooting competitions.

Modified store for Glock 17Modified store for Glock 17

So, we’ve come to the last improvement on our list today and it’s set to girder rail.

Lantern and LCU

Such slats-rails appeared in the 3rd generation of pistols Glock in the late 90s.

On the rail rail, you can install all kinds of lights and laser sights, and the recent fashion was to install a mini-knife there.

Integrated Viridian C5L device for Glock 17Integrated Viridian C5L device for Glock 17

One of the variants of the multifunctional device for the rail rail is a complex device Viridian C5L, including powerful enough lamp 100 lumens and bright 5 mW green laser pointer, which can be seen in the daytime at a distance of 90 meters, and at night at all 1.6 kilometers.

All this many improvements can be useful for you, so without wasting time, buy and install what your Glock more perfect.

Original article: 8 Popular Drop-In Glock Mods
Translation: GunsHub.ru

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