8 most powerful pistols in the world

The main thing is to get there. Or at least just shoot …

1 and 2. Revolvers Taurus Raging Bull 454 and Taurus Raging Bull 500

In our country, you can hunt with rifles, but not in the US, you can use it.

Due to its caliber, this revolver can replace a gun. If you’re even a calmer.

It is a rubberized grip and it can be used. Used in a pistol ammunition: bullets, shot, canister. For more review, you can install an additional sight. It weighs from 1.5 to 2.2 kg, depending on the model version.

3. Pistol Thunder 50 BMG

If the war starts with the robots, this thing will be the way. Or, for example, it’s not necessary.

A single-shot Thunder 50 BMG pistol was shown in the United States. All this significantly reduces returns. During the shot, the flame retard of the compensating fluid is pulled out. (The shooter even goes through the shooter after the shooting.)

So that you can imagine the scale of the piston rifle.

4. Pfeifer Zeliska revolver in caliber 600 Nitro Express

In 1995, the Adolf Celiska decided to create a powerful revolver. Experimenting with the charges, he turned to Pfeifer.

According to his designs, a revolver weighing 6 kg and 55 cm long was made. It is not the case that you can get wrist injury. So take it from the hip like Clint Eastwood, you are unlikely to succeed. The muzzle energy is 6230 J. For comparison: the Makarov pistol has 300 J. The cartridges used are heavy duty 600 Nitro Express.

It is necessary to get into the “killer” places.

5. Pistol Desert Eagle cal. 50

The famous Desert Eagle has appeared in many movies and video games. For example, the film “The Big Jackpot” when it was disassembling with the “Eggs” film and the film. From the Max Payne trilogy shot.

The first Desert Eagle was developed in 1983. The most powerful in the line is the model 50 AE (12.7x33RB mm). For understanding: 12.7 mm and Browning M2HB. The muzzle is the energy of a bullet is 2000 J, the same as that of the AK-47.

The pistol has a wrinkle. All these features are limited to the use of pistons. If you’re on your way, you’ll be able to go on a line.

6. Revolver Smith and Wesson Magnum-500

If you’re looking for water, you’ll be most welcome. True, you then have to collect these parts from the walls.

In January 2003, the Magnum cartridge of the SW Magnum. It is a five-shot drum to reduce recoil. Ammunition 500 SW Magnum, like the revolver itself, was developed for hunting large animals. Shooting from this revolver is a powerful impact, sound and flash. Muzzle energy – 4100 J. Weight – 2 kg.

7. RSH-12 – Revolver assault caliber 12 mm

In terms of power, it will not be available.

RSH-12 was developed in 2000. It has a reinforced barrel casing, equipped with ventilation holes. Above the sights and lights is provided. The RSH-12 is a revolver shooter, but not the lower one. Used in melee when storming buildings.

It can be used for various types of bullets to armor-piercing. Weight – 2.2 kg without accessories.

8. The Tobis Pistol – The World’s Largest Shooting Revolver

If you haven’t been able to get in the middle of this

In 2002, the gunsmith received a certificate from the Guinness for the largest revolver that shoots. 1858 Remington revolver on a 3: 1 scale. Its length is 1.26 m, weight is 45 kg. It shoots accurately at a distance of up to 100 m. But it will be very difficult.


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