8 reasons why you

Assess yourself from the outside – how are you mentally and physically developed? How well do you have your body and mind? You can throw it out well and you can’t get it well. What do you talk to? Do you often walk around the city?

It can be easily understood. Next, we’ll give you some kind of extreme cataclysm, extreme or emergency, a zombie apocalypse (underline).

At least on two points you will think, “Eh, this is about me …”

8 reasons why you will not survive BP

The first reason. You are not ready

The iPhone and the Game of Thrones. And then begin such dances that you never dreamed of. It was spent on the faucet. They are turned off, and the soil goes under your feet. It is not a problem.

The second reason. You are weak

Your body is not ready. Stress, lack of sleep, oreating It is a great deal to defeats all enemies. In fact, it will put it in place.

The third reason. Your health

You are not crying, “” the boys are not hurt, “you are a man” … intends to interfere with sleep. Per 100 women, 114 men die and 80% of hospital visitors are women. Think about it.

The fourth reason. Your spirit

You are weak in spirit. Unfortunately, we are the generation that is accustomed to give up and start over. Or do not start. The spirit of competition is atrophied as unnecessary. The Internet allows you to become who you want. Although an 80-lv elf, even a jedi, at least … And how much you yourself in all this diversity.

The fifth reason. You do not know how to communicate

Do not agree? Congratulations! This is your limiting belief. It is a race to go. It’s not a problem. The task is non-trivial.

The sixth reason. You are ready to die

It is a rule of thumb for a long time. Consumption. There is no clear ground during the Second World War. For the iPhone!? If you think you are ready to die for your family / fraternity / motherland, then most likely you are cunning. It’s the same way that you’re losing it. I didn’t understand what I’m not talking about. That is, in any way.

Reason number seven. You don’t have to live

If you are not ready, then why should you not live? Seriously. You are a cog in the car. Atom in the universe. Well, really. Your body is 80 kilograms of muscles, bones, shit and ligaments. What can you do? Nobody will notice your departure. Sadly.

The eighth reason. You are too old for this shit

It is not the same. Decisions and take responsibility. Raised hothouse. You were born after the war, in the victorious country of fascism. That is what will ruin you. There are no rules for how much you can do. He is no longer able to learn. He doesn’t need any new ones. So it’s not your assistant. He is too old. Well, and you pi … With which I congratulate you.

8 reasons why you

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