8 “rifle” tips for a woman with a gun

More and more women start to realize that self-defense is the right and duty of every sane person. That’s just the society is still not accustomed to the fact that women with weapons really defend themselves, therefore, willy-nilly, it puts them a kind of stick in the wheels. But this is fundamentally wrong, so we give practical recommendations from the lady, in practice, faced with the majority of their difficulties – the shooting instructor Annette Doerr.

1. Size matters

And the caliber, and the format of the weapon, and the type of ammunition – all this is really important. And the ladies in their training should be considered. You should not start with something big and impressive – an accurate shot from a smaller caliber will give an equally effective result. So start with the .22 caliber. This weapon is light, compact, well in the hand and does not differ much impact – the very thing for beginners. But even it allows you to effectively protect yourself.

2. Start shooting is never too late!

Seriously, it is never too late to learn the shooting business. Is that when you are already lying and slowly bleeding. But if it hasn’t come to this yet, go ahead, shooting ranges and shooting ranges are waiting for you! She herself repeatedly saw dashing grandmothers with pistols, who at first were afraid, and then very effectively hit the training targets.

3. Shooting club is great

A community of like-minded people is always wonderful and useful. Even if you have to make some effort in order to merge into it. At the dawn of my career, when I myself joined such clubs, I was constantly taken for the wife of someone from the participants, and not for a full-fledged shooter. But it was only at first – then the understanding came that “this woman with a weapon” is just as interested in self-defense as they are. And it began to command respect.

4. More patience in training

No matter how much you want, but you can’t do without training. And at first, most likely, nothing will come out – it is necessary, as they say, to “fill one’s hand” and “to aim.” But then it will be easier. The main thing – do not stop training and use any opportunity to hone their own skills. At first – just shooting. And then more complex skills, such as acting in extreme situations, eliminating weapon delays, and so on.

5. Do not be afraid of recoil

Recoil is an absolutely normal phenomenon, and learning to cope with it is almost half the success in shooting, not only for a woman with a weapon, but also for a man. Yes, at first it will be difficult – that is why we need to start with something that will not hit hard in the arm or shoulder. And always remember that the right grip and the right stand – the key to your success. And in order not to find out this intuitively and first-hand, use the help of an instructor.

6. Not all tips are equally useful.

The main advice that I most often hear is to change a normal pistol to a revolver. Say, women can be hard to tinker with the sliding gate, let them try some more simple in design weapons. No, I do not underestimate the effectiveness and convenience of revolvers, you can even cope with the standard shutter, if you wish. And if not by training the muscles of the arm, then with the help of special devices.

7. Prepare for misunderstanding.

Especially in gun shops. Whatever you say, but the sellers and consultants are not accustomed to the fact that a woman is not only interested in weapons, but also really understands this. And then there are two options – either briefly and clearly explain that they are wrong, or look for another store, the benefit of the options around is quite a lot.

8. Be prepared to ask questions.

Remember that you decided to learn how to shoot. And no matter how stupid you look at it. If something is not clear – ask. Normal instructors and consultants will always answer you. But renounce asking questions on the forums – there are usually numerous “sofa gurus” who advise such things … Especially with regard to a woman with a weapon, you will never say in advance whether they will answer you normally or laugh – “Ahaha, woman with a gun!”


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