8 signs that a person is drowning

There is a hole in the water, often drunk. And this, as we know, is a way to accidentally drown. Of course, rescue drowning – the work of the drowning people themselves. It is a consolation person.

Therefore, it is extremely important to be able to determine: when man is drowning, having some trouble. You can’t happen to the beach. Especially if we’re taking spontaneous and unorganized beaches, where we’re not rescuers, we’re much more cultural and sanitized.

First, remember: when man is drowning truly – it doesn’t attract attention. Consciousness is actually turned off, all actions are instinctive, simple and weakly effective. No waving hands, no shouts – Everything is much quieter, more tragic and faster. Of course, if you’re loudly loudly, you’ll be doing it. You need to help.

But we got a little distracted. Instinctive reaction of a drowning man – can be seen when man is drowning. Italian scientist Francesco pia The number of characteristic features.

So, here are 8 signs that a person is drowning.

  1. Head thrown back and open mouth. When man is drowning – he instinctively tries to make it easier to gasp for air.
  2. The head is immersed in the water. Since it has been replaced by the second.
  3. It is wetted, or it is a hair that has been covered with hair. This is not necessarily the case for all activities.
  4. The body is kept apart from the legs. Typical body posture when man is drowning. It was played.
  5. Tries to roll over back. Since it’s a body apparatus, it’s not a matter of course.
  6. The body is trying to swim purposefully, but to no avail. Swimming – instinctively.
  7. Frequent and shallow breathing. It is simply that there is a tendency for the depression of consciousness. And, of course, there is nothing to shout in those seconds.
  8. When man is drowning, He does not respond to external stimuli. He could not notice them. You can call him by name – he will not respond. And all because of confusion.

Actually, everything. It remains to you. help a drowning man. Therefore, we must act quickly. Do not expect someone to do something for you. It will be easy – when man is drowning, the reaction of It’s a way of unwittingly, but actively interfere, grab hands and persistently pull to the bottom. But we can tell you about the following articles.

Just remember. that someone’s life can depend on how careful you are. You can not relax on the beach. And we are made from another test.

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