8 tips seasoned: soldier

This is a technique taken by the soldier himself. In combat, several techniques are used to be alive.

1. Order of action under enemy fire to kill

Order to prevent casualties. The procedure is as follows:

  1. If possible, make sure that you can take a shot at the direction of the enemy.
  2. Quickly fall to the ground, roll and crawl for cover. DO NOT REACH.
  3. By creeping or in short rushes, pull yourself into a line, in the direction of the enemy. Runs must be no more than 10 meters.
  4. Determine the location of the enemy.
  5. Ensure that the weapon is set correctly.
  6. Open fire on the enemy.

2. Replacing the store

In a team of 6 people, 1 person is 17% of firepower. Thus, this technique must be performed very quickly. Replacing the store is as follows:

  1. It’s 17% that you can’t make it.
  2. In this case, you lose your time. It should be noted that the store is running out.
  3. Never move around with an empty store.
  4. Replacing the store should not be made.
  5. Make sure the magazine is inserted correctly. Always check your direction for the enemy.
  6. Warn the companion
  7. Empty stores pockets of unloading.
  8. Stores must fit properly in pockets. Protect the dust and sand.
  9. Is taken out of a pocket; empty store is separated by the same hand. Full store joins, empty – retracts. Do not allow hands to change.
  10. Stores are replaced in the following cases:
    • Empty store.
    • Before the final throw (in the starting position for the offensive).
    • When receiving the command to retreat.
    • Keep shops and ammo dry and clean.

    3. Procedure for eliminating delays

    It is very small. The time factor is of great importance. It is necessary to adhere to the following order:

    1. Take shelter.
    2. Warn your partner.
    3. Eliminate the delay.
    4. Check the weapon.
    5. If you cant stop it now, report it to the commander.
    6. If you’re not allowed, you’ll be eliminated.
    7. Do not slow down the pace of the attack. The unit can not wait.

    4. Actions on offensive positions

    These actions are more than just shooting at the enemy. You must also perform the following actions:

    1. Listen and send commands.
    2. Report on all identified enemy positions.
    3. Choose the next firing position.
    4. Determine how you are going to move from this position.
    5. Choose a route to the next position.
    6. Always know where your members are.

    5. Change of firing position

    The following rules must be observed:

    1. You wont be in a position to change the firing position.
    2. Do not leave your positions.
    3. Do not fall behind the shelter – roll or crawl to her.
    4. Do not stand up

    6. Movement between positions

    Observe the following rules:

    1. Move zigzag.
    2. Move down.
    3. Speed ​​(!!!)
    4. Both hands must hold the weapon.
    5. Do not block the fire of your partner.
    6. Keep a distance between each other. If you are too close together, you are a great target. If too far away – difficult to manage.
    7. If necessary, handle the position to which you are moving.

    7. Detection of the enemy

    The enemy has to pay attention to his The following main methods are used:

    1. By the flash and the sound of a shot.
    2. Motion.
    3. Conducting provocative fire.
    4. Challenge the enemy’s fire with your movement.
    5. Other features such as shape, shadow, size, silhouette, surface and gaps.

    8. Fire control

    It is impossible to destroy the enemy without having ammunition. Therefore, do not bargain with Use the following rules:

    1. You mustn’t have your heads up.
    2. Always aim to shoot straight.
    3. Where do you take shelter, since most people are right-handed.
    4. Keep firing low. It is not a big threat to you.
    5. For example, it can be carried out in depth.

    Rifle training

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