8 tips

It makes it possible for the people to meet. To be honest, almost impossible. But further the behavior of the crowd becomes even more unpredictable. It is almost impossible to control and regulate.

There are some natural laws that the crowd obeys. This is something like a school of bird flocks. It is not necessary. Therefore, you can’t get it out. But if you stick to some pretty simple tips, the chances survive the crowd markedly increased.

1. Be aware of your actions

The spirit of the crowd is not psychological. It is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon. Therefore, in order to survive the crowd, this should be avoided at all costs. Ask yourself if you have thoughts. If the second, then try to get out of control. Careful, because atypical behavior in a crowd automatically excites aggression.

2. The Best Problem – The Prevented Problem

It’s not a problem. This is a partial synchronization. If you need to be able to get out of the crowd,

3. Move with the crowd

When fucked up Along the edges, since it is the greatest chances of being crushed against natural obstacles, In order to survive the crowd, try to avoid these places. However, sooner or later, you still have to approach the crowd. It is important to think about the movement of the crowd.

4. Cooperate

A group of people survive the crowd much easier. Use this to alleviate the plight of women and children. Ideally, it is better to place a group of people who move, again, diagonally. If this is not possible, then it’s possible. The jolts from behind, not from the front.

5. keep calm

Easy to say, but hard to do. It is very difficult to feel like a person. But it is absolutely necessary to do this, because your chances depend only on this. survive the crowd and control over your own behavior. In addition, it has been a positive effect.

6. Move Right

Hands should be raised to the chest. Due to this, it will be possible to break through the elbows, to reduce the risk of injury. Legs should not be lifted. For your same reason, you can not stand on tiptoe – it makes your position unstable.

7. Luggage off

You need to get rid of it. Do not care for values ​​- life is more important. It can be squeeze.

8. Get up

The crowd is a fall. If you do not get up quickly, you can be trampled. The legs are tightened under themselves. This is the body up and the emphasis on the knee. Try to break your hands – otherwise they will come and crush.

All of these recommendations are not a panacea, but the chance survive the crowd they boost. You have to read and studied. We need you to maintain your health and body condition.

8 tips

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