8 working prototypes of real flying saucers

When you hear the phrase “Flying saucer “? The aliens, “green men,” at the very worst of the Nazi development. Meanwhile, there has been a concomitant stereotyping of space. And some of them were quite possible to call “flying saucer“.

Leonardo da Vinci is not it? Meanwhile, this is a working model, 778 kg. Josef Lipkovsky, who worked characteristically, worked in Petersburg. In 1905, the first trial launch took place, which turned out to be very productive. However, the engineer took off. However, the engineer took off.

Yes. This is a plane with a circular wing. Formally – almost a flying saucer, only with a propeller. This model was created in the USA, around 1911. And it was called, which is typical, “Umbrella Plane”. Materials – wood and fabric. Fly his creation. Whether it is “plate” flew.

And again the plane with a circular wing. Only this oneFlying saucerJust flew. But not at once. Isaac Storey and Willband Zelger. Patented, but not implemented. After some time, he tried to enter into the air. He wondered if he could not get it. It has been a long time since it has been shown. It was shown that it really was quite stable. Even despite the tail roll.

Yes. Full monoplane, but only with a circular wing. For example, it was shown that the model was shown in the 1930s. This thing was called “Roundwing” or “Nemeth Parasol”, in honor of Alexander Nemets (head of talented students). It has been designed to make it easy for you. That is, yes, formally, this is the predecessor of all kinds of WIG.

Yeah. The real “Flying saucer»Third Reich. By the way, it’s not only really documented. Just because she, such a bastard, did not fly. Well, more precisely, flew, but badly and not for long. Could not achieve normal balance. In 1939 they did not finish until 44. Moreover, the concept was constantly refined, “improved” and reworked. And the details were taken from the other, quite a working aircraft.

It is too “Flying saucerSince the Second World War. Only American. Effective, balanced, even adapted to take-off and landing from aircraft carriers. But alas, screw. “Flying Pancake” (flying pancake) But yes, I flew and flew a lot.

Yes, damn it. Absolutely full disc-shaped apparatus of vertical takeoff and landing. The real “Flying saucer“Which for many years is excited by the minds of ufologists. Jet principle, excellent balance, good maneuverability. But … But. To control thrust vector computers was difficult. And in the yard was 1961. 50 km / h. And theoretically possible – almost 450-odd. More and lifting power of 2.5 tons. Although it consumed fuel … In short, the project was closed.

Russian “Flying saucer“And in fact – ekranoplan with a disc-shaped fuselage on the air, damn it, cushion. 1994 year. Working. Effective. Stable. Maneuverable. With a lot of useful space. It’s possible to keep it in the United States. At the stage of “advanced development”.

Actually, the concept itselfflying saucers“It is quite interesting and possible to experience the traditional airplanes. Moreover, it’s not possible to do so. For radar “it’s much easier to implement on disk-shaped devices.

8 working prototypes of these &# 171; flying saucers&# 187;

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