9 best films about the apocalypse and post-apocalypse

It is rippling from posters and titles. Including the films of the post-apocalypse and the post-apocalypse. However, there are some masterpieces here that define the framework and canons of the genre. We selected 9 of the “brightest” of them. It can be remembered. This is the criterion of the compilation of the compilation, films again. and again.

So, the most memorable films and the post-apocalypse …

1. Mad Max: Fury Road – Mad Max: Fury (2015)

The genre of post-apocalyptic comedy would be terribly inferior without “Delicatessen”. Seeing the rooms, despite the fact that they’re freaking out. It is a butcher shop. But he wondered out, he would soon be able to find out. “Delicacies” is a world of humor and outstanding visual effects.

6. Human Child – Children of Men (2006)

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