9 Essential Urban Survival Skills

It is not yet known where it is easier to survive – on a completely wild territory or in a city where life has not yet long been boiling, and now, if not, gangs of looters roam through dark and partly deserted neighborhoods. Actually about survival skills in the urban environment and will be discussed today. So.

1. Harvesting and purifying water

A skill that is also extremely useful for survival in the wild. With one small difference – in the city the water is likely to be contaminated and polluted. So make sure you know at least several ways to clean it. Moreover, in some places it will be much more difficult to find water. than in the wild forest. But even if you live near a stream or lake – the way to get water and back can be dangerous because of the thousands of people who considered it a good idea to use this particular water source. Not always peaceful people … This can be avoided if you are able to store rainwater, or dig a well. And this can not be done without certain survival skills.

2. Caution and safety

The police is either in a state of incapacity or is loaded to the limit. That, of course, will lead to a catastrophic rise in crime, especially if people are forced to loot in order to feed themselves. There are many ways to make your refuge safe and unattractive for burglars, but they do not cancel some skills banal caution. Be prepared for trouble always. Note oddities in the behavior of others – they look at you strangely and follow you, park a vehicle near your refuge. Watch out for unusual sounds (the noise of a driving car, screams, sounds of a fight) and unusual smells (gasoline, fumes, gunpowder). Also consider in advance the routes of retreat. Training this survival skill is quite complicated and tiring, and it borders on paranoia. But just being paranoid doesn’t mean that you cannot be followed!

3. Hand-to-hand combat and self-defense

Even in a fully protected house there is a chance to come face to face with a robber or worse. Of course, the house simply must be a weapon for self-defense, but what if you were caught off guard? In this case, hand-to-hand combat skills can be very useful. But it’s just in the cinema that looks simple – in fact, there are far more strategic moments of the battle than you can imagine. Therefore, even professional fighters never stop training and learning new techniques. For a start, for example, engage in mixed martial arts or Krav Magi. And know that with the help of these survival skills, even seemingly fragile people can cause great harm to the aggressor.

4. Gun Training and Security

If you have a firearm, you just have to know how to keep track of it, where to store it and, of course, how to shoot it. Yes, you may never need to use weapons for self-defense, but you should always be ready for this. This implies regular training. In this case, you can always miss the moment of attack – if someone rushes right at you, then you have only a few seconds at your disposal. to get a gun and open fire. Remember this at the shooting range. And the more such survival skills you master – the better. If you like knives, it will be useful to get acquainted with the knife fight. I do not think this is necessary, but in some situations it may be useful.

5. Ability to work with hands

Knowing how to fix things in the house can be critical in a power supply situation. Keep in mind that there are several types of disasters that can damage your home to varying degrees. And if one of them does happen, then only the skills of a plumber, an electrician and a joiner will determine the difference between the place where you can live and the place from which you have to leave. In addition, these skills can be used to forge alliances with neighbors and other organized groups of survivors.

6. First aid

You probably have a first-aid kit, but do you know how to handle all these tools, materials, and drugs? Remember that hospitals, in the event of an emergency, will be overcrowded (and at best), which means that the lives of your friends and family will depend solely on your survival skills. Well, if you yourself become a sudden victim, then you can at least give clear instructions to others (unless, of course, you are still conscious). So take the first aid lessons and make sure that the first aid kit is always equipped.

7. Equipment repair

Unfortunately, now most young people do not know how to repair things. And why is this, if you can order a replacement using a simple screen, which in a couple of days will be delivered directly to the doorstep of the house? But the time will come when it will be impossible to get the replacement, and the generators, radios, flashlights, filtration systems and other equipment will have to be repaired. Therefore, in advance, stock up on repair instructions and learn how to repair your equipment for survival. After all, replace it later – no longer possible.

8. Repair of vehicles

As with the previous points, young people less and less often have this most important survival skill. So stock up with spare parts for your main vehicle and find out how to install them. It will also be useful to learn how to pull out a stuck car that you would otherwise have had to throw.

9. Negotiating and bargaining skills

After the economic collapse, flea markets and flea markets will begin to emerge spontaneously and massively. Life will continue, but most will not be able to get new things now. Therefore, it is necessary to master the complex science of barter. But this survival skillI also need training and training. Also, the ability to negotiate will help to enter into profitable alliances, yet in the city to survive better collectively.

Original article – 9 Urban Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

9 Essential Urban Survival Skills

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