9-mm hunting rifle Tiger-9, purpose, modifications, characteristics, device, design features, review.

The 9-mm Tiger-9 hunting carbines come from the illustrious SVD sniper rifle, and therefore are in high demand by both professional hunters and amateurs.

9-mm hunting rifle Tiger-9, purpose, modifications, characteristics, device, design features, overview.

In the second half of the last century, gunsmiths took up the transformation of military small arms into models for hunting and sports. The main reason for this was the fact that in many countries of the world impressive reserves of physically and morally obsolete military weapons were accumulated. In addition, the presence in the warehouses of a large number of cheap cartridges for these samples played a role in this process..

The first to draw attention to the possibility of converting military small arms into civilian weapons, and then firms in Russia, the USA and Germany took leading positions in this matter. In Russia, the conversion of shooting systems is carried out by such enterprises as JSC Izhmash, JSC TOZ, a branch of JSC KBP-TsKIB SOO and others.

Significant interest among amateur hunters and professionals and collectors-gunsmiths is caused by rework images of Izhmash JSC, including hunting carbines of the Tiger model range:

“Tiger”, “Tiger-1”, “Tiger-02” chambered for 7.62x54R.
“Tiger-308”, “Tiger-308-1” chambered for 7.62×51 (308Win.).
“Tiger-9”, “Tiger-9-1” chambered for 9.3×64.

9-mm hunting rifle Tiger-9, purpose, modifications, characteristics, device, design features, review.

The basis for all Tiger hunting carbines is the illustrious SVD sniper rifle.

9-mm hunting carbines Tiger-9 and Tiger-9–1 chambered for 9.3×64.

Hunting carbines of the Tiger-9 family are designed for hunting large animals (elk, bear, wild boar) and are available in 2 versions:

“Tiger-9” – with an orthopedic butt.
“Tiger-9–1” – with a hunting butt.

The complex of spare parts for this weapon includes:

Five rounds magazine.
Accessories in pencil case and ramrod.

Hunting carbines of the Tiger-9 family can be equipped with an optical sight with an arm for mounting, a cover and a strap for carrying.

The main characteristics of the hunting carbines of the Tiger-9 family.

The mass of the rifle “Tiger-9” without an optical sight: 4.0 kg
Length of arms with orthopedic stock: 1120 mm
Weapon length with hunting butt: 1180 mm
Width: 70 mm
Height: 220 mm
Barrel length: 565 mm
Magazine capacity: five rounds 9.3×64
Sighting range with an open sight: 300 m
Accuracy of shooting at a distance of 100 m: 60 mm.

9-mm hunting rifle Tiger-9, purpose, modifications, characteristics, device, design features, review.

Structurally, hunting carbines of the Tiger-9 family include the following main components and parts:

– Barrel with receiver and butt.
– receiver cover.
– Return mechanism.
– shutter frame.
– shutter.
– Gas pipe with regulator, gas piston and spring pusher.
– forearm pad.
– trigger mechanism.
– fuse.
– Score.
– Open sight and optical sight with mounting brackets.

The principle of operation of the automation of hunting rifles Tiger-9.

The automation of the Tiger-9 carbine is based on the use of the energy of the powder gases discharged when firing from the barrel channel into the gas chamber, and the energy of the return springs. The barrel channel is locked by three combat stops by turning the bolt around its axis under the influence of a longitudinally sliding bolt frame. This weapon constructively excludes the possibility of a shot with incomplete locking of the barrel.

When the fuse is turned on, the trigger is locked and it is impossible to pull the bolt frame back. When shooting, when the cartridges in the store are used up, the bolt frame with the shutter locks in the back position of the shutter skeleton, simultaneously signaling the absence of cartridges. The trigger type trigger mechanism provides for the production of single shots and firing, detachable trigger.

Design features of hunting rifles Tiger-9.

The barrel and chamber of the Tiger-9 hunting carbines are chrome-plated. An open sight consists of an aiming strip and an adjustable front sight. The stock is made of either impact-resistant plastic or wood. The material of the wooden parts is walnut, oak or birch. Nape of the butt – rubber.

The receiver on the left side is equipped with a base for mounting the brackets of the optical sight. Aim firing using an open sights can be carried out without removing the optical sight.

The hunting rifle hunting by professionals and amateurs confirmed a high degree of reliability and safety of the design and automation system. For shooting from carbines of the Tiger-9 and Tiger 9–1 models, hunting cartridges 9.3×64 are used, which provide for the firing of bullets with a barrel length of 565 mm, the initial bullet speed of 745 m / s, muzzle energy of 5000 J and maximum powder pressure gases 3800 kgf / cm2. Bullet weight is 17.5 g.

Based on the materials of the magazine Arms.
Victor Ron.

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