9 rules for successful hand-to-hand combat

You can collect a bunch of injuries. Hand-to-hand as safe as possible.

Rule 1. “Be water, my friend” – Bruce Lee

Do not give any useless advice. Be water. Like her, taking any form, adapt to the enemy. Learn his behavior. There are also patterned behaviors that have been invented:

  1. If you are your opponent, you’ll be confident of your victory. It may be confused. And then do not miss the opportunity to conduct an effective attack.
  2. Opponent aggresiven – work counterattacks. Avoiding the strike and immediately responding.
  3. He will get it.

Rule 2. A blow to the head-body!

About the good old bunch “head-bodyThis is not a case in point. To defend your opponent. Opening opening of the case. It is a good idea to make a handful of tangles.

Rule 3. Stand firmly on your feet.

Off your ground during attacks. Firstly, your blows lose their power from this, and secondly, your opponent will take advantage of your unstable position. His counter attack can knock you out.

Rule 4. Save power

For the first time, they were “turned off” the tired fighter. Act the opposite. Keep calm, do not throw at your opponent, do not make unnecessary movements. Patience.

Rule 5. Do not hold your breath.

This is also a typical mistake. Breathe evenly, as if you were running, jumping rope, or doing other repetitive exercises. In battle, especially outdoors, this will keep calm.

Rule 6. Do not reduce the eyes of the enemy

“I do not see = they do not see me.” Forget it. It’s true that it’s a battle. Do you want to see it in response? The most successful missed strikes

Rule 7. Direct blow – all head!

70% of shots in any melee fight should be direct hit, or jab. Change your style of your punches:

  • Hard or hard
  • Dual and structured
  • Softly for distraction
  • Quickly with a half-stretched hand

Jeb suits almost any situation. If you want to fight against your opponent, jab – this is something like intelligence reconnaissance.

Rule 8. Turn the tide of battle

Do not let him make any mistake. Second hand – protect the head and body. Missed strikes will still be.

Rule 9. Never leave an opponent unpunished

It makes it impossible to carry it out. He has no right to give up. Cross your legs, take them off the ground during attacks – too. He can not squint, lose you out of sight. It is forbidden to receive misunderstanding from you.

Successful fight!

9 rules for successful hand-to-hand combat

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