9 survival patterns

Risu ineptu res ineptior nulla est.
latinorum proverbium

Watching in runet survivalist subculture For ten years now, I’m not tired of being surprised at the stereotyped and limited thinking of its participants. For those who think they are in vividly in the discussion army themes.

This is a ruthlessness over the expression “tactical”, as applied to equipment. Five years ago it was still funny,

Of course, the subculture doesn’t have a unified consensus on the use of camouflage and army equipment. It comes to the discussion of the European theme.

It is a fact that the paranoids are completely irrelevant. All attributes survival movement do not want to admit it even to themselves. When they try to make it worth it, it’s worth it.

The number of points is not clear.

1. Grab a shotgun and run into the forest

It’s a longtime army principle, transfer of open military confrontation to guerrilla war. It is not a question of army units, and hitherto civilian population.

Preppers from the USA Since there has been an invasion of “Red Dawn” film of the 84th year, it is a good handler. Runet has been in the form of

2. Grab a backpack and run to the village

Way collective protection of the population, designed by forces Civil defense countries involved in a nuclear conflict. Potential participants, fortunately, but for the time being. It is clear that there has been a lot of effort.

Scattering and evacuation turned out to be a more realistic approach than building shelters for every citizen. Of course, taking into account the specifics of individual countries, the hostilities. For example, it’s not a problem. However, it is often necessary to stay on the road. Additional reason for survivors think about the evacuation plan.

3. Ferrocerium flint

The composition, experimentally derived more than a century ago. The tool, originally created for the Swedish military. Over time, the curious thing crawled over tourists, bushkrafteram, and then to survivors little by little it came.

It doesn’t guarantee campfire on the raw pad. It makes it possible for the owner to carry out unpleasant actions, such as unprepared crossing, forgiveness, and the rule. Since for survivor for him becomes not so irreplaceable.

4. Scenic Wildlife Survival

It is just a training manual for military aviation pilots. Why precisely military? There is a tendency to make it. The specifics of the activities, features of the service.

Yes, such as the picture “survival in the wildIt’s possible to make it true that you’ve been able to accept military aircraft. full autonomy.

5. Disturbing suitcases, bags and other kits

The most vivid example of borrowing, I guess. First of all disturbing suitcases Designed for emergency (but quite regular) circumstances. But this equipment is designed to move from peace to purposeful activity. It would seem that the survivors have G.H.B., I want to go home, which is completely and not plagiarized. However, it was met much earlier. English term itself bug-out – This is a concept of which was formed bug-out (bail out) bag – It is more than the wind from the West.

The alarm kit – go-bag, b.o.l.t. (bail out, limited time) bag. it equipment set, post two or two. In the case of the peace of mind, the on the checkpoint.

6. Minimum 72-hour autonomous existence

This is not a sacred origin, but it is quite earthly, smelled of boots, diesel fuel and lubricant. It is nothing but a legacy of field regulations of the times. Cold war, basis for planning. Three days for the first echelon and the second echelon. That is, the time during which it will be time to gain it.

Runet’s dogma survivors it is also inherited in the finished form. This is why, the incessant statement about the term “autonomy – a week at least” – from misunderstanding.

7. Camouflage

Historically camouflage clothing – a tool rather poachers and smugglers than the military. It was not uncommon to wrestle at the beginning of the 19th century.

So if you take into account the natural modesty of both smugglers and survivors, disguise is conceptually characteristic of both. But – yes, there is no need for clothes, Corrected the presentation.

8. Modular equipment

The usual dismissive “Molly – this is a pseudo-special forces” – stems from lack of thought. No way outfit style kit MOLLE It was mostly non-modular bibs (from meyflauer, lbt, custom), that’s a surprise.

9. Bonus – about “tactical”

Ill fame prefix “tactical”, it can be used, for example, whether it is military, police, security, leisure-rifle, etc. Therefore, yes, even cowards can be tactical, offhand you can remember blast boxers.

What is, for example, tactical cap? It:

  1. ear protection
  2. small square of velcro or fabric
  3. visor that does not interfere with wearing glasses
  4. unmasking color
  5. Velcro for strip identifiers

Successes in comprehending materiel, and often turn on your head.

9 survival patterns

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