9 things in the EDC-set for exploring the cities of Russia

I will tell you about my small kit.

My EDC Travel Kit

Always with you:

1. First Aid Kit

Just in case. The contents of the kit will be disassembled in the following posts.

2. Knife

As an improvised tool, not a means of self-defense !!! I carry only folding knife with me. Photo certificate certificate is not a cold weapon. All stores that are engaged in retailing knives provide such a certificate in paper form.

Hit the center of Skolkovskoye Shosse. There works the best sales consultant for knives Victor. You need a 10% discount. On the Internet.

3. Multitul

Medium size. I prefer either the classic Victorinox or Leatherman.

4. Powerbank

I have a thin and light Akashi at 5,000 mAh. It’s not a problem.

5. Flashlight

Why doesn’t the built-in flashlight fit on the phone? It will not last long for it. If you’re not happy, you can’t get it. Well, dropping the phone, you immediately lose your flashlight.

There are many good lanterns, I always have two of them. I’m not going to travel in the woods or mountains. I buy lanterns on lumenhouse.ru.

6. Tactical pen

Tactical pen differs from the usual strength. It can be used. It is made of aluminum or titanium. Plus, the ink is refilled. You can also look at knife.ru, or live in Sport Hit.

7. Pepper Spray

I prefer the 25 ml inkjet spray can from Tehkrim company.

8. Documents

Passport, car license, permit for smooth-bore / rifled weapons (if any).

9. Money

Cash + cards for cashless payments. I don’t keep bank cards on my phone.

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Ready kits

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