9 tips on choosing a hunting knife

Any hunter knows that without hunting knife you can do without. It is possible, but very hemorrhoid. Therefore, choose your own adequate tools. If you need a knife? This difficult task. So.

1. The knife should not be large and heavy

Seriously, hunting knife – not a massive cleaver, to which mass adds efficiency. It is your choice. You can’t be damaged? For the same reason, the knife should not be long. And if you really want to get a machete

2. No Serverators

Blades with serrated sharpening are simply not used in hunting. It is not clear that there is a need to see their properties, despite their apparent similarities. Therefore, a similar sharpening hunting knives – decoration, but not functional.

3. Angle of sharpening – 30-45 degrees

Sharpening held for a long time. It is not necessary, it can be dull and damaged faster. And you need to work very, very much. And the knife will often meet with hard materials. But with such a corner it is no longer scary.

4. Handle materials – beech, hornbeam or birch bark

This is necessary in order to hunting knife Conveniently lay in hand, regardless of weather conditions. These materials absorb moisture well. Skin and alder It is absolutely undesirable. It can be necessary to ensure greater accuracy of action. And what happens to you? Right. Do not need it at all.

5. Adequate sheath

Sheath, made by yourself. It is not an easy task. So it is possible to do and original. It will be a condition that the skin will be worse. So you need to give it a strand for your skin. In this case, you can’t be lost.

6. Suitable steel

Perhaps the most important point for a hunting knife. It is a need to take care of your body. Therefore, it is not less than 55 HRC. It is better not to use stainless steel, from which it is often made, it is short-lived and poorly ground. Damascus steel is also not expensive, because it doesn’t provide additional benefits. Therefore, it’s steel grades: 420HC, 440C, 440B, AUS-6, 50H14MF, 65? 13 or 95? 18. In this case, the last option (95? 18) it will be too difficult to sharpen, although it is very durable. Steel is the best choice. 50H14MF, since its chemical composition hunting knives.

7. Fixed or folding?

But this is entirely at your discretion. It is not a fundamental difference.

8. Blade Profile

Absolutely universal profile of the blade does not exist. The most frequently manipulated. In our case, this drop point and clip point. Actually, choosing the main hunting knife. Again, it’s designed specifically for specific manipulations. The same skinner, spy point and gat-hook. But for the main “workhorse” they are poorly suited.

9. The knife should suit you.

It doesn’t lie in the hand. Well, no way. In this case, you need to look for something else. It will be a little bit more glob. Seriously, it will be convenient. Therefore, before buying, be sure to hold the knife in your hand. Take a few swings, make sure that he lies well. Knotted over the Internet – what’s why?

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