9 tips to help you survive

As they say – if it is a gun hangs on the wall, then it will ever shoot. Can be said about the stockpiles of nuclear weapons in different countries. This is not a terrible effect. This can be a result of a terrorist attack.

Let’s start our nuclear war. But you still need to know how to get familiar with yourself.

1. Nuclear alert

It is simply impossible to find out about the impending danger. It is already useless to save. But if you’re the one who was really serious,

Be sure to listen for information. The main thing is not to panic.

2. Bomb shelter

If you’re not sure, you can’t be in a safe place. If you live in the subway metro, you will be aware that you’re close in 5 minutes. In addition, under many high-rise buildings built during the Soviet era, there are bomb shelters. It was a long time ago that they were saved from harm.

If you are so far away from the shelves? Remember: in no case, even if you are far from the epicenter. You can go blind from the flash. Making selfies is the most foolish idea.

3. About shelter classes

This is where you can find out about the radio. It is important to understand what their labeling means. The shock wave with the shock wave: A-І (0.5 MPa), A-ІІ (0.3 MPa), A-ІІІ (0.2 MPa) and A-IV (0.1 MPa). The first 3 are designed for the military. But do not despair, because often these objects are subject to further attack.

4. Threats of a nuclear explosion

People who are “lucky” But the blast wave will not be able to destroy all living things. If you’re looking for something to do. So you will have more chances to save your life.

5. The explosion of a nuclear bomb

The nuclear weapons missile strike. Time for all occasions. It is enough to take the documents.

The epicenter of the explosion. In this case, the invisible danger is radiation. There will be a special assistance.

6. Radiation

If you were in a bomb shelter, then stay in it for a few more days. It is a scattering pattern. Within 3-4 days, especially dangerous radioactive substances will reduce their killing effect. If you want to stay alive

7. In case of destruction of the shelter

It is not worth staying, even if there is enough water and food. The main reason is the same – radiation. Rather, leave the zone of the explosion.

8. Precautions against exposure

When entering the superficiality, follow this instruction. It can be used to protect your respiratory system. If possible, avoid movement from the epicenter of the explosion. Bottled water, which was prepacked before the explosion. And not vice versa.

Do not get the radioactive dust. Until you leave the affected area, hide from the rain. Every drop can be deadly.

9. Deactivation

If you’re in a safe area, give doctors a refund. Do not panic and, if possible, help others cope with disaster.

You will not be able to make it. Do not lie down on the ground. And try to avoid the lowlands.

Check out these rules. If you’re learning in school or college!

How to survive a nuclear explosion: rules of conduct that can save

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