9 ways to organize the wires for your gadgets

Sometimes it seems to be perverted self-consciousness. And it is worth it, so that they immediately become entangled in some incredible knots. It would be unraveled, of course, that you couldn’t have your free time. Especially if it is already too little. So we found 9 different ways wire storage, knock it out.

Flexible Memory-Flex USB Cable

This cable is much shorter and easier to use than standard cables. Due to its shape, it is not confused In addition, it is easy to distinguish between them.

Griffin Technology Mini USB Cable Kit

Not so flexible. as the previous version, however often come bundled with various devices. Likewise, it can be easily hidden unless needed.

Magnetic Wire Organizer MACO

These organizers are easy to open and close, providing a convenient wire access at any given time. In addition, with their help, you can easily cling the wires to clothing.

Recoil automatic cable reel

As the name suggests, this method wire storage includes automatic winding mechanism. (it is a rule of course, it’s not necessary to do so.)

Kikkerland Bobino Cable Holder

Construction of this wire holders length, as well as lengthening or shorten as needed. Well, different colors, to make it possible to facilitate the identification of cables.

Screed Nite Ize Gear

Such screeds for wire storage are reusable, waterproof and quite comfortable. To facilitate wire identification. The kit includes the most common wires.

Ground cordito

In the case of a leather folding bag, it can be closed with a leather zipper.

Ground cord taco

Push-button rivet, these wire bags tacos are quite comfortable and simple. Also available in several different sizes.

Cases organizers

Place at once several wires. Plus, they can also store some little thing. There is a huge number of variants of such covers, including for normal everyday wear.

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One can only add it. Fortunately, some designs are very simple. In this case, I would like to

9 ways to store wires for your gadgets

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