A candle in survival kits and NAZ, its use, whether a candle is needed in a wearable survival kit.

Sometimes a candle is included in industrial-made survival kits or NAZ, such as the USMC Survival Kit or Proforce COMBAT SURVIVAL TIN. For your specific wearable survival kit, if necessary, you can also easily select the candle you need in terms of characteristics and size. But in order to draw conclusions about the advisability of finding candles in survival kits, we will consider some of their types in more detail. 

A candle in survival kits and NAZ, its use, whether a candle is needed in a wearable survival kit.

Candles come in all shapes and sizes. The usual household sizes of 60-280 x 20-60 mm are the cheapest and most common for sale. They are made of unpainted paraffin, a translucent whitish color, have a simple cylindrical shape and, depending on their size, can burn up to several days. The burning time of such a candle can be increased if a foil ring 0.1-0.2 mm thick is put on its upper part. As paraffin burns out, the ring must be moved down. Such candles are more suitable for large and voluminous home or portable survival kits. In small wearable styling INAZ, because of its size, they simply will not have a place.

A tea candle, or as it is also called a candle-tablet, is produced packed in an aluminum case, has dimensions as a rule 38×16 mm or 38×20 mm and a burning time of up to 4 hours. In our opinion, such candles are most suitable for small survival kits. These candles are conveniently packaged, stable on an uneven surface, have the additional advantage of an aluminum cup, which can be used even after the candle is completely burned as a signal. Cut, unfold in a plane and use as a primitive signal mirror, as a container for storing small items, for making new home-made candles, making baubles.

Another type of candle that deserves mention is a small decorative candle that is used at various holidays. It is small, takes up very little space, but has a very short burning time and is suitable only for making a fire in windy weather. This is where its practical value ends..

An interesting universal candle is produced by Nuwick. It is unique in that the candle set includes several removable wicks that can be used individually or together, depending on the situation, for lighting, heating or cooking. In addition, tweezers and twenty-matchsticks are included. The continuous burning time of Nuwick candles, depending on the Nuwick model, is 44 or 120, respectively 44 or 120 hours. But the dimensions and weight (215 and 450 g) make them suitable only for large home or mobile car survival kits. In the video below, a non-blowing candle and a universal candle Nuwick 120.

Self-made manufacturing of reusable candles for field conditions.

A candle that is convenient, practical, reusable and suitable specifically for your needs can be made independently from a tin can of a suitable size, a piece of corrugated cardboard and paraffin. The manufacturing process is quite simple and shown in detail in the video below..

Now let’s try to summarize all of the above and draw some conclusions. The most important thing is that you can’t put a candle in a large survival kit. The most reasonable option is one or two candles-tablets or two-three candles-non-blowing candles (or combinations thereof). Otherwise, the size and weight of such a set will increase significantly, but you will have to forget about compactness. We will build on this, but the final decision whether to use candles in a wearable survival kit or not should, of course, be taken by everyone.

Candle in a survival kit as a means of lighting in an emergency.

Using a candle as a means of lighting in an emergency is a controversial issue. Well, maybe only as a backup source, to save flashlight batteries, and if you plan to visit some large caves in which there is a chance of getting lost. In this case, one or two candle-tablets will be just right, providing 4-8 hours of continuous light.

Candle in a survival kit as a means of heating in an emergency.

The use of candles for heating is especially important if an emergency finds you in places poor in wood or other combustible materials. Even one candle-tablet is able to raise the air temperature in the snow shelter to 0 degrees in a few hours, while there will be 10-15 degrees of frost outside.

An even greater effect can be achieved in an impromptu hut-tent, a plastic wrap or several sleeping bags sewn (stitched) with each other to wrap a bag on an improvised frame or 4-5 stakes that are stuck into the ground. In extreme cases, sleeping bags can support people with their backs and arms climbing under them. Inside such a thermos, 1-2 candles are lit and the temperature very soon rises to +10 or more degrees. At the same time, the warmth of the candles will dry the sleeping bags themselves. And after you have warmed up, you can equip a normal shelter.

Candle in a survival kit for boiling water and cooking.

It’s also very controversial, you can’t boil even 0.5 liters of water on one candle-tablet, especially in cold or windy weather. This is only possible if you use candles such as Nuwick 44/120 or homemade, as described above. Therefore, taking candles with you based only on this task is probably still not worth it.

Campfire Survival Candle.

Here, the reserve of two or three unflown candles is the best fit. They won’t take up much space, but the process of kindling a fire from raw kindling will greatly facilitate.

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