A drone for the curious, bicopters, tricopters, quadrocopters, hexacopters, octocopters and coaxial copters, design, advantages, disadvantages.

and multicopters, which became especially popular in the 21st century. The dream came true to make a virtual flight, to see your city from above, to shoot video from a great height, to enjoy first-hand an unusual panorama, thanks to such a wonderful invention as a quadrocopter. 

To learn piloting skills, the beginning of the book covers the basics of designing, operating, and controlling real aircraft, such as airplanes and helicopters. Understanding these basics will help you learn how to control various types of drones..

The characteristics of the most popular quadrocopter models are considered. Useful tips are given for their safe operation in various weather conditions. Much attention is paid to the electronic filling of the quadrocopter for those who are more interested in self-manufacturing, tuning and repair.

Each of the components of a quadrocopter or a drone can be explored and tuned using today’s generally accepted amateur radio tools. The Arduino module, which may become the future flight controller, is also considered..

The content of the book UAV for the curious.

Chapter 1. Meet: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Where to start working with a multirotor.
Bikopters: design, advantages, disadvantages.
Tricopter: design, advantages, disadvantages.
Quadcopters: design, advantages, disadvantages.
Hexacopters: design, advantages, disadvantages.
Oktokopter: design, advantages, disadvantages.
Coaxial copters: design, advantages, disadvantages.
Multirotor: pitch, roll, yaw.

Chapter 2. Why aircraft heavier than air can fly?

Screw-Motor Union.
Wing provides flight.
How does lifting force arise?.

Chapter 3. Aircraft controls.

External controls.
Wing takeoff and landing mechanization.
Aircraft lateral controls.
Direct lift controls.
Increase effective wing span.

Chapter 4. Learning to fly a plane.

How the airplane rolls.
A plane is controlled by height.
How a plane turns in flight.

Chapter 5. Propellers in aviation and not only.

First propellers.
Propeller Leonardo da Vinci.
Propeller Mikhail Lomonosov.
Modern propeller.
Wing propeller.
A snowmobile almost a plane racing across a snowy field.
How does the propeller work.
Geometric propeller pitch.
About the length and number of blades.
How and why the propeller pitch changes at the main stages of flight.
Speed ​​control.
On the mechanism of rotation of the blades.
Advantages and disadvantages of propellers.
Impellers who are they?

Chapter 6. How the helicopter works.

The main differences between a helicopter and an airplane.
Takeoff and landing devices.
Wing and plumage.
Powertrain and transmission.
Helicopter control system.

Chapter 7. Features of helicopter propellers.

Screws: bearing and steering.
Reactive moment and the fight against it.

Chapter 8. The principle of operation of the helicopter.

Creating lift by rotor blade.
Helicopter take-off stages and horizontal flight.
Ring Swashplate.
STEP-GAZ lever, control knob and corrector.

Chapter 9. Learning to pilot a helicopter.

Basic flight modes.
Forward movement.
Hover mode.
Helicopter movement back and side left-right.
Steering propeller control.

Chapter 10. Reduction of the helicopter in case of engine failure.

About the benefits of autorotation.
Autogyro and the records of Jean Boulet.

Chapter 11. UAVs: how different they are.

Hello, the era of drones.
How big should a drone be to be called small?
Let’s understand the terminology.
Meet platform one: Helicopter.
Multi-rotor (multi-screw) platform.
Aircraft platform.
Flying wing.
Drone with folding wings in flight.
UAV learned to land like a bird.
On the degree of readiness of drones for flight.

Chapter 12. Choosing the optimal quadrocopter.

What brand of copter are you looking for?
Flight time.
Range and safe flight route.
Spare parts.
Quadcopter price category $ 35 Hubsan X4 (H107L).
Quadcopter price category 50 $ Syma X5HC.
UDI U818A, quadcopter price category $ 100.
Quadcopter price category 105 $ Syma X8G.
Quadcopter price category 110 $ Holy Stone F181 RC.
3DR Solo, quadrocopter price category $ 700.
Quadcopter price category 800 $ Q500 Typhoon.
Quadcopter price category $ 1000 DJI Mavic Pro.
DJI Phantom 4 PRO, quadrocopter price category $ 2000.
Features of racing quadrocopters.
HobbyKing TBS Vendetta 240 racing quadrocopter.
Racing quadrocopter Eachine Racer 250.
ARRIS X-Speed ​​25OB RTF racing quadrocopter.
Racing quadrocopter ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro.
Racing quadrocopter Lumenier QAV210-RTF Charpu Edition.

Chapter 13. What a quadrocopter inside?

Functional diagram of an amateur quadrocopter.
Remote Control Operation: Protocols.
Engines: lighter and more powerful.
Batteries: power everything.
Gyroscope and accelerometer: indicate the exact position.
Flight controller all over the head.
Advanced drone functional diagram.

Chapter 14. Quadrocopter in the air.

How the quadcopter deals with its propellers?
Accelerometer and electronic gyroscope.
Interface main intermediary.
What signals on the bus does the oscilloscope see.

Chapter 15. Taming the module of the three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer MPU-6050.

Gyro, Accelerometer and Barometer Modules.
The principle of operation of the gyroscope.
We connect a gyroscope.
It may be easier to create a helicopter?

Chapter 16. Unmanned drone.

Self drone flight.
Distance Sensor Features.
We use an ultrasonic sensor.

Chapter 17. Flight altitude or barometer module.

We use the barometer module.
Determining altitude in a real airplane.

Chapter 18. Laying and controlling the route, using GPS.

Chapter 19. On-board computer quadrocopter commander.

Chapter 20. The connection of the “land” with the “pilot” of the drone.

Radio communication in drone control.
Control signal transmission standards.

Chapter 21. Meet: 2.4 GHz and 433 MHz Radio Modules.

Chapter 22. Let’s take a closer look at the drone control panel.

Button is the simplest control.
Harder with joysticks.
A note on self-development of the control panel.

Chapter 23. In conclusion, we will talk about “misunderstandings”.

Nuances of control using PWM microcontroller signals.
Electronic speed controller.
Modeling PID Controller Components.

Used literature and Internet resources.

A drone for the curious, bicopters, tricopters, quadrocopters, hexacopters, octocopters and coaxial copters, design, advantages, disadvantages DOWNLOAD THE BOOK

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