A few tips about piercing knives with rings

Friends, no matter what they say, but I do not like stabbing knives with rings (not kerabit, namely knives, which are designed to prick, and having a ring for convenient retention in the process of self-defense). To be exact, I really don’t like small rings. You will agree with this when, in a fight, you hook a knife on your clothes or the blow goes tangentially. If the ring fits tightly on your finger, it can easily tear off the skin or simply break your finger.

With a characteristic grip, it is much more difficult to shift the knife with the ring to the other hand if the need arises – for example, if you have to fight with more than one opponent, or when one of the hands is injured and can no longer control the knife.

Not for nothing is it so difficult to find knives with rings among historically accurate models of weapons. Is that some options kerabits – but they have the whole style of use depends on a sharp change in the location and rotation of the knife on the finger. In addition, karabit cuts, not stabs.

What about the grip. I carry a gun with me almost wherever I go, at work and in my spare time, so I would not risk a finger pulling the trigger. Although I am conservative in my views on shooting and all sorts of ultra-modern self-defense techniques with firearms I leave on the conscience of modern instructors, I first of all are the shooter, not the knife, and the knife for me is an addition to the gun. Therefore, I really do not want to draw with your index finger.

To be honest, I have a couple of knives with rings, but just before buying, I made sure that the rings are wide and smooth (by the way, one friend of mine made a copper winding on the ring of his knife, so as not to damage the finger).

In addition, I each checked whether my gloved finger was passing through the ring. If not, either I felt some pressure or a sharp edge — then it’s better not to take such a knife.

Don’t misunderstand – this note is not about how bad karambits are. Once again, I emphasize that all the above-mentioned kerabit does not apply. I am talking exclusively about small knives designed for stabbing.

To summarize – if you decide to purchase a knife with a ring, pay attention to the fact that the ring is large enough so that your finger in a glove can freely pass through it, and smooth, without sharp edges and ribs. And, of course, train in the extraction and application. Good luck!

From the translator: The author is a certain Ed, acting instructor in carrying out military operations, having 10 years of experience in ensuring the public security of the northern border region of Mexico. Ed conducts seminars on countering seizure, escape skills and imprisonment, as well as working without arms, empty-handed, and with lethal and slightly illegal weapons. And in addition to this, he is also the principal Libre Fighting Systems in Mexico.

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