A house capable of withstanding a 20 kiloton nuclear explosion

USA, Georgia. It is there that they offer to buy such a house, for only 17.5 million dollars. Kindly clarifying this will also help.

Surely many people Especially during the holidays. To know where you are. Hiding from the mother-of-law, or from obsessive friends. You can close in the barn, but there is not comfortable. But this house …

Do you have an extra 17.5 million dollars? Suddenly lying in the corner without doing anything. Buy yourself a house in the south of rural Georgia. Quiet, secluded place.

This house was built in 1969, and was completely modernized in 2012. Twelve bedrooms and as many bathrooms. No windows, no doors. 14 meters. Nuclear bunker, in a word.

It is also invisible.

The house was built during the Cold War, the United States. However, it has several unique pieces. This is a disinfecting shower, it is worth noting that it can be used for a medical device. Declare to withstand up to 20 kilotons.

Home furnishing

We have forgotten to mention the kitchen, where you can store the kilograms of the beef stroganoff and roll up parties.

Speaking of parties. The house as a whole resembles a big hostel. There are 2 square meters of floor space for a couple of people. There is where to turn.

You can also hire a servant to clean up your house. In the case of such areas.

You say, they are furious with the fat. Well … if you’re not a lot of money, get together, get out, buy. During the nuclear war than alone. It is also possible to make a heart-shaped rug in the jacuzzi. Yes, there is a jacuzzi.

By the house you still get a plot of 130,000 square meters. It has a shooting range and guard house. Plus the entrances to the underground house, of course. Everything is disguised from the curious. Interestingly, there are schools nearby? To your children go to learn.

The seller declares that he is in the United States at this time. We did not check. He is a seller. However, he has a home for 17 million.

The house is sold from 2015, I wonder if someone bought it?

A house capable of withstanding a 20 kiloton nuclear explosion

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