A little about the Ukrainian post-apocalypse

We sat here last night in the kitchen. It is a car In a word, they sat well. Every time we talked about how we’ve been growing, we’ve been talking to you all the time: “
They got into a mess. By five in the morning they did.
“I collect statistics,” said a comrade from Mariupol. “If you’re thinking about what they were about, they were standing for …”
“Hey,” said a girl from Minsk, “Maidan made sense!” I love Ukrainian language very much!
“Yes,” I said “gloomily,” “I’m too loving Ukrainian,”
– Do you have it? – the Minsk woman was surprised. – Someone imposes the Ukrainian language?
I remembered a girl who has graduated from the gymnasium in Kiev. “Yes, the Ukrainian language was hated in our school! Yes, they tried to get rid of us! I have specially learned it in spite! “

I didn’t have an elite gymnasium. I had a concussion right before the first class, in the nineties. It is a clear understanding that others are even worse. He said it was not a problem. There were ruins, hurray! True, they are then scattered in various neighborhoods.
If you’re not in Ukraine, it turns out that you’re really good.

– I understand why I didn’t have to stand on the Maidan.
– Come on, – I say, – a good enough Soviet film “Little Faith” to watch. In it, by the way, in the first boobs showed in the USSR. No, not erotic, not porn, not about prostitutes. It’s just that I had a feeling of post-apocalypse when viewing.
“It was from a good school, she is from Minsk.”
“Sing to us better than Tsoi,” another girl neatly asked. – Choi is always alive!
– And let’s drink to Ukraine first!
– Without clinking glasses!
– No, – I say, – let’s better for the world. Clinking glasses. And then I’ll sing Tsoi.

– What do you have? – asked my Ukrainian teacher. – Ukrainian roots? It should be only Ukrainian!
“How can you say that you have bad associations with Ukrainian nationalism,” said the girl from the elite gymnasium. – Yes, it would be extinct!
– What was the state of the Ukrainian language? – asked my university professor, the author of various language textbooks, his student. – That is how bad? In the sense of being banned? And for which I won the Shevchenko Prize?
“You wear embroidered clothes,” “Does it mean just beautiful?”

We listen to what you want to do.
“I’m not really interested,” insisted there.
“But we have no imposition,” the elite schools were surprised.

We live in different worlds.
In one schoolchildren suffer humiliation for their identity every day. We were ashamed to admit that we are Russian-speaking. We don’t die for it. This is what you love is not at all configured.
“Those who really wanted happiness for Ukraine didn’t want it before the Maidan,” insisted the Marioupolec.
– Who else will pull the country out of shit, if not we? Ukrainians is the most important! – the Pole assured me several years before the second Maidan.
“We love this country, several times,” elite schools assured us. – But there were people who were on the Maidan all the time!
– Well, why don’t you understand that it was profitable for politicians? – mariuplets went crazy.
– Do you know how much I hurt for this country ?! – somewhere in the past crying “gymnasium”.
“Unfortunately, there is no place for print Ukrainian-language poetry,” – All magazines need Russian language.
“I was refused for Ukrainian-speaking,” I had to be amazed in response.

Sometimes it seems like a radioactive star, flying over Ukraine, has spread a completely different color to the country. It is a woman who lives in the middle of the world. And I can’t scold them. Because I am simply from that half, it is simply spread. And in fact, it’s in the elitism of schools.
Most of my friends are intellectuals who have graduated from elite gymnasiums.
It is a tsoi. Therefore, even if I’ve become a musician?
Because we are all adequate people. We are in the same city, are rotating in the same society.
I have only one conclusion.
This is really a post-apocalypse.

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A little about the Ukrainian post-apocalypse

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