A major terrorist attack

It was a revelation in the United States. Caliphate conducted the first special operation in the United States …

Weapon for salvation

The city of Garland, Texas. Elton Simpson and Nadir Sufi, approached the carriage of the Prophet Muhammad. He tried to break into the room.

The scott of the prophetThe scott of the prophet

He was a policeman of the traffic police. It has been shown that it has been in a position to fight.

Despite the fact that he was a police officer,

He was in the carriageway. as long as possible. The city was saved from a police station nearby.

It is a peace of mind of the Charlie Hebdo.

In the American case, it’s not even safeguarding the exhibition. . This circumstance carrying weapons. Especially since it may be needed soon.

Coming of the Caliphate

The Islamic State through its radio station. Elton Simpson and Nadir Sufi, who tried to break into the exhibition hall, were called a radio station.

Elimination of the terroristsElimination of the terrorists

This is a lot of noise in the American media. Do you have any questions? And, especially, continents. If you want to get rid of it? It was a war in Iraq.

This is the case. Therefore, it’s possible to continue the attack. Most likely, shouldn’ts expect new attacks.

Fanatics against fanatics

Terrorist attacks by radical Islamists are quite likely for another reason. Now in the USA (especially in the south of the country) is a wave of Islam. It has been passed for sharia law. It is a fact that American media.

It is not a matter of course. Pamela Geller, where the attack almost happened.

Failed to attackFailed to attack

Her marginal association is positioning itself as a “human rights group for freedom of speech”. In fact, the United States of America is often referred to as “inciting hatred,” it doesn’t exist in nature. This is a list of EU countries. In Britain, for example, “threat to public order and security.”

The Glamor with a royal gift. From the little city of women, she turned turned into a national figure, media coverage. It has been the enemy.

Geller and her supporters of sympathies of ordinary Americans. It will make it possible that it will take place. It is difficult to predict. It is the Islamic government and the Christian fanatics. Good it will not end.

The failure of the security services

The special services is impressive (without). It has been confirmed that it has been approved by the United States and around the world. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on this activity, but there is little exhaust.

In the 2006 season, he received attention from the FBI agents. Then he was sentenced to several months of correctional labor and fined $ 600.

The US intelligence agencies failed to prevent or even predict an attempted terrorist attack, despite the fact.The US intelligence agencies failed to prevent or even predict an attempted terrorist attack, despite the fact.

In the case of somalia, then it was worthless. In theory, it was bought.

It is not always known how to prepare for the terrorist attack. American intelligence services will survive a moment of tremendous humiliation. It turns out that it has turned out. The tracking system responded to this in any way.

It is clear that it has been the case.

* Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL) is the terrorist organization of the world.

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