A paracord survival bracelet containing 24 items

It has been decided that it’s not a problem. bracelet for survival, called “EDC Prepper Bracelet“.

When the worst has already happened This will be the case in handy. These are 4-5 meters of paracord type III, which can withstand about 250 kg, as well as 24 means for survival, including:

  • flint and rub
  • adhesive tape (repair, construction, medicine),
  • LED flashlight
  • needle and safety pin (clothing repair, medical use),
  • compass (covered with luminescent paint),
  • ceramic blade
  • whistle and signal mirror (signal sources for rescuers),
  • water purification tablets
  • Kevlar file,
  • master key
  • snare (for catching birds and small animals),
  • fishing line and hook (for fishing).

All the components can be adapted to your personal needs. Even the color can be individually selected.

Everybody knows what to do.EDC Prepper Bracelet“You have to come in handy.

From the editors. Well, what can I add. If you’re trying to survive, you’re getting ready to live. Especially when you consider this particular thing, for example, also costs 125 bucks. But there is no need for it. It is not necessary to know the functionality of the carolina.

If you don’t want to make it at a paracord bracelet “EDC Prepper Bracelet“Really good stuff, if you’re a universal stuff, you can’t even make it a lot of fun. “It’s not gonna be too much.”

Ready kits

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