A photographer from Komi filmed a pine cone journey

This awkward moment when even a lump travels more than you … Correct yourself! =)

Amateur photographer Viktor Kvasov It has been a great deal. This is a collection of pictures.

This is a big shot. Viktor Kvasov masterfully revived by attacking his feet. The cone floats on a homemade boat. But there is a trip to the tourist trip.

Viktor Kvasov says spontaneously. The heroine of the photo shoot was the first lump. He has to travel.

It can be taken for a photographer to take pictures. Thinks the pills for the bumps. It is a funeral day for the photographer.
“I’m making the details,” he says. – During the day, when there is a free time, I go to the place of shooting. Returning home, I am mentally thinking about it.

Travel cones. Part 1

Travel cones. Part 2

Travel cones. Part 3

It’s not a problem. In the future, it will be another adventure series, which will result in another photo series.

To be continued. “It will make it a bit more fun,” says Victor Kvasov.

A photographer from Komi filmed a pine cone journey

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