A refuge for survival. How to make a bed for the night

Let’s find out what kind of natural or other cataclysm you can find. You must realize that Water and food, but building a shelter, This is the third pillar of survival.

Build, and even more so find shelter in the wild – this is still entertainment. It is not a terrible situation. Sleeping on bare ground is fraught with consequences.

Of course, it would be to get out to people and civilization, rather than to sit still. However, if you don’t need to know how to do so, you can do so.

There are lots of articles and tips on shit and sticks, place to sleep and rest. How and what to do a bed for the night wouldn’t you want to go in the morning?

Most often, in the wild sunbed do right on the ground using grass, branches, leaves. However, if there is a clear idea of ​​how to use it. It is strong and comfortable.

When will you collect branches for the bed, take it out, take it a long time, take it on. We recommend you contact with the branches directly. It will be a bit sticky. Of course, the resin is washed off after drying, but still not very nice. If you’ve seen it

Is it possible to use grottoes and natural depressions in rocks as shelters?

Of course, for hundreds of years, people used them. Such natural shelters usually quite strong and reliable, will be sheltered from winds and storms.

It is usually formed on the ground. So when you find such a shelter, pay attention to the following things:

  1. Carefully inspect the grotto along the entire inner perimeter. Inside there may be small animals or worse – snakes. In some regions, scorpions can be added to this charm. Therefore, before settling for the night, make sure you have no neighbors.
  2. Set up a small order. In the caves often can be natural debris, twigs, stones, foliage, brought by the wind. If you can, you can be more comfortable.
  3. Make rain protection. You can’t get water from entering. Also make sure that the water is free to leave the grotto.

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