A senior mate. Humorous story about a lost hat

A bullet whistled at the center nap. it chief officer our jumped in.

– Edward, where’s my hat?

My delicate spiritual organization frankly offend such issues. Moreover, it was an independent specialist. Therefore, I am offended by the picture:

– This Sanych, yes I am rowing where is your hat? I’m on duty on a submarine, not on your cap.

I certainly know where his hat is. Not only that – I see her right now. It is lost. In the military, it’s like that. Atomic bombs, while giving everyone honor. Because how can you give it to you? I can not imagine, and you?

We have a wizard, of course. For example, it’s not clear that there’s a bottom line. Yes. And a hat. He loses her all the time.

– Andryukha! – shouts to navigator cabin.

Peeps navigator Andryukha.

– You didn’t see my hat?
– No, – says Andryukha, – This Sanych did not see.

Yes, we’ve liked it. He scratched his ear. Millimeter! The millimeter is separated from the ranks of “homosexuals”. But carried by.

“Ed, give me your hat, I’ll run away in it!”

I am referring to the rules of the ship, I’m a commander (of the commander, defense minister, Lord of God) Of course, it’s a thicker, but mine’s closer, ”therefore I issue an iron excuse:

– This Sanych, well, you have the forty-eighth size, and I have sixty-two, – Or do you like a princess in a carriage, go to her headquarters?

Our first mate is small and skinny. Right here is a toy. But he wasn’t at it. It is incomprehensible, but it is not clear. They even listen to the commander sometimes. But since he is intelligent and self-willed, they are trying to drown him forever.

– Fuck, how to go to headquarters? – sad senior officer. He obviously didn’t want to go to headquarters, but he didn’t want to go.

In the central enters the commander:

– Seryoga, you were going to headquarters, like?
– Why, my hat is lost somewhere.

The commander I blush like a Westphalian virgin and lower eyes.

– Yes, here’s your hat, Seryoga! – it says I had a hat!

The jug of the commander (seventy-fourth size):

– Why do you need it?
– Seryoga, you are inquisitive, like a baby straight. I have already been called the commander of the commander.

Beating his hooves on the ramp above the navigational wheelhouse. A smile from the navigator comes up from the wheelhouse.

– Well, did his hat find his hat?

He smiles so widely. The commander looks at me:

– Well, fagot, – sighs, – natural. What to take from you?

And goes to the next board to drink tea. We doze further.

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A senior mate. Humorous story about a lost hat

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