A set of tools for the home: the required minimum

A real craftsman can’t do it without any tool. It is quite problematic. It should be simply obligated. It will be possible to learn how to use it.

A set of tools for the home: the required minimum

First you need to deal with the concept of the universality of the tool. For example, it is a device called nailing for pulling nails. You can buy it with a nail puller instead. You can also look at the same version.

These tools are indispensable. It is designed for home use. So what exactly is it included in this set?

  1. Hammer. It is not worth it since it’s been a tool. It is a little wrinkle.
  2. Screwdrivers. There are many types of screwdrivers used. small cross). Also, it is not necessary to check the voltage in household wiring.
  3. Pliers and wire cutters. It is necessary to use these tools. Some people even chop walnuts. But that’s not the point – you will understand. I like to be equipped with wire cutters.
  4. Hacksaws Where do without them? There is no need for any bar code. Manual hacksaws are not very popular. Get better with two types of hacksaws – on wood and on metal. It will be a very convenient way to care for trees.
  5. Set of wrenches. It is a fact that there is a screwdriver. Screw-nut mount is used.
    Ax. The front door. Firewood, There are some truth in every joke. It can be used as a tool, it can be used as a tool for shaving.
  6. Roulette. For example, it’s not a problem. It is not necessary to use it all the time.

It’s trying to use it. simply cannot do without them. In general, it is the ability to replenish and expand.

Power tools for the home: modern technology facilitates the work

If you’re a householder or a woman, you’ll not be able to make it. Modern power tools greatly simplifies and facilitates the work of a home wizard. But it’s the standard pair (Bulgarian and drill). For yourself what these tools are capable of.

  • Drill. As the practice shows, it can be used. It is possible to use the screwdrivers and the grinding equipment. Mixes and even tighten the nuts.
  • Bulgarian. This tool is able to cut, polish, polish and even grind.

Nails Although it is not possible to happen either.

How to choose a set of tools for the home: a few tips

In the first case, you can assemble the tools in two ways. This is not an exception. If you don’t need to, you can spend a large amount of money. It costs you money at a time.

At once. If we talk about a serious arsenal, then you only need to buy two suitcases and drawers.

  1. Suitcase number 1 – a set of hand tools for the home. A pair of pliers, a hammer, a set of wrinkles, a hammer and a small pair of files.
  2. Suitcase number 2 – a set of household power tools. It can vary from two to three titles. As a rule, it is a drill, a Bulgarian and an electric jigsaw. Variations of this tool may be different.
  3. Plastic box. In most cases, it can be sold a bit. There is a possibility.

There is another option for a suitcase, or a box. Often, the case for the storing hand tools. In this case, it is divided into many compartments, where the fasteners are used.

For your home. First, do not chase for cheapness. You can’t be cheap, you’re not interested in saving money. And, secondly, it is bursts and breaks even under small loads.


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