A simple home-made throwing weapon for hunting while surviving in an extreme situation, a bol, a sling, a slingshot, a bow, a crossbow, a wind pipe.

Simple home-made throwing weapons and devices for hunting while surviving in emergency and extreme situations can include bola, sling, slingshot, bow, crossbow and wind pipe. 

A simple home-made throwing weapon for hunting while surviving in an extreme situation, a bol, a sling, a slingshot, a bow, a crossbow, a wind pipe.

Homemade Bola, Bolas or Boleador.

Bola is a simple hunting throwing weapon. A bola consists of one or more spherical stones or weights of various materials attached to belts or ropes. Stone (cargo), for the convenience of fastening it to a belt, can be wrapped in fabric or lined with leather. A bunch of stones can be sequential, or belts of all goods are attached to one node.

A simple home-made throwing weapon for hunting while surviving in an extreme situation, a bol, a sling, a slingshot, a bow, a crossbow, a wind pipe.

Bol can be used only in open space. The stones spin overhead and throw themselves at the target. The principle of action when it enters an animal, a bunch of stones twists by inertia around the neck, trunk or legs, knocks the animal to the ground, while delivering strong blows. A bunch of stones is similar to a brush, so it can be used in close combat.

Homemade sling.

A sling is a throwing weapon made of rope with a piece of leather, a strip of fabric, a leather belt in the middle. Learning to use these weapons is fast enough. However, sighting accuracy is rather low. Sling is the simplest device for throwing shells, which uses centrifugal force for high-speed unwinding. A shot from the sling occurs when one of the ends of the belt is released.

A simple home-made throwing weapon for hunting while surviving in an extreme situation, a bol, a sling, a slingshot, a bow, a crossbow, a wind pipe.

At one end of the belt is a loop for attaching it to the wrist. The part of the sling into which a shell of stone, lead, iron, dry clay, and ceramics is inserted is called a bed. The procedure for using slings is simple. To fix one end of the belt with a loop on the thumb or on the wrist of the hand, which will be fired. Clamp the second end of the belt between the thumb and forefinger of the same hand.

Put the shell in the box. Untwist. Release fingers at the moment when the projectile receives sufficient acceleration in the direction of the target. The sling can be untwisted above the head in a horizontal plane from the inside out. Or sideways, in a vertical plane from the bottom up. It is better if the throwing stone is round, weighing about 200-400 grams. This weight will give the projectile maximum kinetic energy.

Homemade slingshot as a throwing weapon.

A slingshot is a simple throwing weapon in which a projectile acquires an initial flight speed due to the energy of extended traction, such as a rubber tow. The slingshot is easy to manufacture, compact, silent when fired. It has a relatively high initial throwing speed and is therefore suitable for hunting both small and large game. A large animal can be severely injured, stunned and even killed. A shot from a powerful slingshot is not inferior to the power of a bow shot.

A simple home-made throwing weapon for hunting while surviving in an extreme situation, a bol, a sling, a slingshot, a bow, a crossbow, a wind pipe.

The slingshot consists of a stag intended for attaching a throwing tourniquet and holding it in the hand when aiming and firing, and directly a throwing tourniquet (thrust) with a saddle or fifth to hold the projectile. For making a slingshot, a fork in the branches of any tree is suitable. It is best to use a nut or elderberry. The fork (horns) of the branch should be symmetrical to the position of the handle of the slingshot. The thickness of the handle should be comfortable to grip with your hand.

The throwing tourniquet should be made of an elastic material capable of recovering its initial dimensions as quickly as possible. For example, rubber from a gas mask, rubber from a bicycle or car camera, natural latex (sheet or tubular), a grayish-yellow rubber medical bandage made of polyisoprene and the like. A saddle (heel) is a piece of leather, tarpaulin, dermantine, and so on, with two holes for attaching a harness.

As slingshot shells are used:

A rock.
Fishing sinker.
Steel ball bearing.
Lead buckshot.
Chopped lead.
Metal rod chopped into pieces.
Glass and so on.

It is better if the shell will be streamlined. From a slingshot you can shoot arrows or darts both on land and under water (spearfishing).

A powerful slingshot can throw a lead projectile at 350-400 meters. The range of targeted shooting from a slingshot is about 30 meters. The accuracy of the slingshot depends on the shooter’s vision and his practical skills in shooting, the design of the slingshot, the shape and weight of the projectile, weather conditions (crosswind, rain, snow). The lethal force of a slingshot depends on the design of the slingshot, on the type of projectile used, on the physical strength of the shooter.

Homemade bow.

Bow is a throwing weapon for shooting arrows. The material for the onion is a solid, straight-layered, without knots, cracks and other flaws a tree branch up to 1.5 2 meters long. It is best to use maple, juniper, hazel, birch, oak, elm, ash, yew, dogwood, white acacia. Bowstring for onions can be Kevlar, kapron, Dacron or twisted linen thread. The main thing is that the thread does not stretch, is strong and resistant to grinding. It is better to make a bowstring for a bow from several threads intertwined among themselves. An arrow for a bow consists of a pole, tip, tail and plumage. Arrow shaft dry wood of birch, spruce, pine, plastic, light metal tube, etc..

To visualize this information, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with user manual to the modern bow Jandao 66/24. This is a representative of the most simple, but at the same time very functional bows. Next, let’s move on to how to make an arrow..

The arrowhead can be made of metal, stone, bone, plastic, etc. .. You can simply hammer a nail into the end of the shaft and wind it with copper wire. The tip can be cut out of metal, or rolled into a cone tin from a can and fixed on the end of the boom. The plumage of an arrow made of feathers from the wings of a turkey, swan, eagle, goose, crow, gull, rubber, plastic, etc. The feather of the bird must be cut lengthwise. Then cut it into pieces of the desired size, which are fixed in the tail of the boom using strong threads.

Homemade Crossbow.

A crossbow is a bow mounted horizontally on a box and equipped with a trigger. It consists of a bed, shoulders, butt, trigger and sight. The design of even a simple crossbow is quite complicated and for its production a primitive tool in extreme conditions, elementary skills and knowledge may not be enough.

Homemade wind pipe as a throwing weapon.

A wind tube is a wind (pneumatic) throwing weapon in which the lung energy of a person is used to create air pressure on the projectile. This is a hollow tube of any material that directs the arrow (a shortened version of the arrow for the bow) at the beginning of its movement due to air blown out by a person. The sharp end of the arrow can be saturated with poison..

A simple version of the wind tube: a tube of 50 cm, an arrow of 10 cm. Shooting from a wind tube can be fired at birds, toads, frogs, mice, squirrels, muskrats, etc. The firing range is about 15-20 meters and depends on the shooter. A more complex version of the wind tube is to put on the main tube a wider tube, in which the rear, end hole is tightly closed (cylinder). The outer tube should move tightly but freely along the “trunk”.

Pull the outer tube back to shoot from such a wind tube, put the arrow in the trunk of the main tube. Aim and hit with your palm on the end of the outer tube. When approaching the barrel, the outer cylinder will create the necessary excess air pressure and the arrow will be thrown out of the barrel into the target. The arrow for the wind tube (dart) is:

Thin, straight, pointed stick of solid wood or a long spike.
A piece of wire pointed at the end.
Sewing needle.
Durable plastic wand.
And so on.

The boom should have a “plumage” and fit tightly into the barrel bore with the back side. To do this, the back of the boom must be inserted into an elongated, round plug, sized to fit the tube hole.

Or attach a piece of cotton, paralon with tape (thread), wrap a thread or strip of fabric. That is, to make such a seal that will not allow compressed air to pass through and will not interfere with the flight of the boom.

Based on the book “Survival beyond the threshold of civilization”.
Nagorsky S.V..

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