A training manual for training snipers, a book on the tactics of army and police snipers.

. That is why it is of great practical interest to everyone who is interested in sniping and precision shooting. 

Although the first edition of the book Perfect Sniper presented all the best that was known about sniping as of 1993, the art and science of sniping has moved so far in the last dozen years that a second edition has become necessary. Thanks to improvements, changes and comments, the new edition will help the development of sniping in the 21st century, and it will be as revolutionary as the first publication.

The publication was revolutionary. For example, never before in a sniper manual were questions of investigation examined. Although the guidelines provide data on wind corrections, they do not provide simple advice on how to neutralize the influence of the wind by reducing the distance to the target or by sitting on the windward or leeward side of it.

The sniper training manual didn’t even touch on up / down shooting at an angle to the horizon. Having spent years in combat operations behind the enemy front line and years in instructor work, Major John Plaster knew that the acquired knowledge and combat experience was much richer than what was written in the manuals. He feared that this knowledge, paid for by blood, might be lost, only to be studied again and paid for with more blood..

Book’s contents.

Organization and arming of the sniper unit.
Sniper rifle.
Design Basics for Sniper Scopes.
Using a sniper scope.
Bullets and ballistics.
Basics of Sniper Tag Shooting.
Advanced skills sniper mark shooting.
Special Shooting Cases.
Large-caliber sniper shooting.
Binoculars and telescopes.
Surveillance and Target Detection.
Range determination and wind assessment.
Sniper disguise.
Movement and sneaking.
Sniper position (shelter).
Basics of sniper tactics.
Urban sniping.
Tactics and methods of counter sniping.
Counter-sniper operations in Iraq.
Special sniper operations.
Sniper operations at night.
Special Conditions.

A training manual for training snipers, a book on the tactics of army and police snipers DOWNLOAD THE BOOK

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