A trip to the forest

Instead of entry. In July 2017, a girl of 14 years was lost in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. I got lost, because I was lost. Well, anything can happen, especially with children and teenagers.

If you’re ready for “adventures,” here are some simple tips.

What to take on a hike in the forest

It is a place for children to eat. Buy it better on the market. But if you still have to take it, knife. I mean, of course, I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m not sure I’ve seen a

Also take a flashlight, matches, or a cigarette lighter. According to the 18th century – take a flint. However, the old school of tourism approves. Take at least a liter of water, if there is a walkie-talkie. It is very dangerous for people.


Do not dress like a cruel warrior-partisan, where the camouflage is not only in the mouth and eyes. Because of this, it will be harder to find you. If you cant get a little bit more than a captain, you can’t wear it. with your thoughts in the evening.


If you are a fan of berets or similar shoes, then choose those. Otherwise, it’s possible to get rid of the rubbing. If there is no plaster, then there is no plaster for the first time, that’s enough.

Pro navigation and orientation

Along the way of picking up mushrooms, often break branches. Basically – the average of the belt. It is not so stressful.

If you can’t be a smartphone, I’m It is even better with a walkie talkie, because the higher the walkie talkie – the further the connection. If you choose the distance of 3-5-10 meters “Professional radios”, it is not professional In most cases it works, especially if you have gone.

If suddenly you are lost somewhere far from panic. You still have mushrooms, a bottle of equipment. ”Seriously, the most important thing is not to panic. If it’s time, it’s easy to make a fire From hunger, tea, you will die, but thirst really interferes. It is dangerous to move around.

Shelter and overnight in the forest

When arranging for a girl to sleep during a hike in the forest, some advise that he could be surrounded by fire, such as this may scare animals. But even if you have performed this song I recommend putting laptnik and, if possible, making the simplest shelter in the form of a tent. It takes about an hour, but it helps.

Movement in the forest

After spending the night, indicate the direction where you went. For example, an arrow on a tree, knit a knife at an eye level. It can be seen that it’s possible to rescuers. Can not be confused with anything. If you have something, write your condition. Or in a clear visible place. “Water”, “Food”, “Hand”, “Foot”. You need to be able to help you.

When walking in the forest – whistle, because the whistle is much more effective in terms of energy costs. There is no chance that it will make it. Also look for landmarks – the old road, pillars, something like that.

If you find a river, it will definitely lead to civilization. In the fall and spring, go along the river downstream.

Meeting with large predators

If you’re there, then I will not advise you anything here. It is a glittering, convulsive fleeing. I’m not sure whether we’ve been following his soul. In short, scare and understand it, we didn’t have time.

It is a steep rocky slope. But the chances are that very much. So let’s leave it to the gurus.

The most important thing when going to the forest …

… this is water, without it, even 2 days, because dehydration is a tough thing. The second important headache is to meet with the inhabitants of the forest. Especially at night and alone.

Of course, if you’re a bushcrafter / survivalist / paranoid / bpshnik, do not apply to you. But you still need to. It can be a lot of fun. You need to set up a goal – to get out as quickly as possible and at minimal cost. And remember: all the troubles – from the panic and recklessness due to adrenaline rushing to my head.

In conclusion …

The girl from Krasnoyarsk region mentioned the next day. But when she came along, she was turned into the forest. Hut about 500 meters.

After a 14-year-old girlfriend wandered through a pretty wild forest for 6 days and 5 nights, without a KNIFE, MATCHES and WATER. It was discovered in the 15th century. This is a topic of survival motivation. This would not have happened.

However, I’m sure that I’m sure I’ve been up for our pants. So, friends, remember about the psychological preparation. All good!

Constant reader LastDay.Club, who wants to remain anonymous.

Camping in the woods &# 8212; some useful tips

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