A word about shemag

Arafatka (she is keffiyeh (Arab.), She is Shemagh (Eng.), She is Gutra (Saud. Ar.)) – a priceless acquisition from the east. It is possible to take care of your skin.

The English Shemagh was used by the British Empire. It was not the counting movement of the United States.

Shemaghi, usually cotton, in cotton style, olive, with a gray or black embroidered pattern, were also taken by American troops. The rate of popularity among the soldiers. Arafat are Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian, Moroccan and even Argentine. There is a slight difference in pattern formed when weaving yarns.

The sun is cold and there is a lot of peace.

  • small awning
  • loop to support a wounded arm
  • footcloth – replacement of the lost sock
  • equipment carrying bag
  • towel
  • short rope
  • dressing

Of course, in addition, shemagh seeks to look like “tactical as fuck”. Shemaga believed that she was counting on the rounds of the store.

In fact, it is warm, functional and comfortable. She can be a part of the EDC. As you know, you can help preserve the shemagh for a huge amount of heat.

It is a simple way to tie a necklace on the neck. But you can – above. It shows how to tie a shemagh.

Clothes and shoes

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