Abandoned castles and mansions

Ruins, destroyed and abandoned buildings, faded parks … Sometimes, they attract much more than modern lifeless buildings. Once was life. But not the same comfort. We offer a stroll through several of the most spectacular abandoned buildings.

1. Podgoretsky Castle, Ukraine

The castle was built in the middle of the 17th century. The building was richly decorated during the First World War. However, it was not possible to save him shortly before the war. There was no end to the castle, and the sanctuary of the sanctuary was taken in the building. In 1956 there was a fire that lasted for 3 weeks and destroyed all the inner beauty. Art Gallery, but it has been a significant success.

2. Miranda Castle, Celle, Belgium

This castle was built in 1866 by English architect. It was owned by the Lederke Bofot family. Then the mansion was seized by the Belgian railway company. And since 1991, the building is empty.

3. Chalkion Hall, Millbrook, NY, USA

The mansion was built in 1890. However, the building was taken in 1901. Some families have lived in Chalkion Hall. But still schooling. Since 1978, the bank has not been used by anyone.

4. Lillesden Mansion, UK

The mansion was built by Edward Lloyd, a banker in the middle of the 19th century. Becoming a public school for girls. But for 16 years now it has been used for the building.

5. Bannerman Castle, New York, USA

Francis Bannerman in 1900. This castle became a repository of ammunition, which formed the basis of the Scottish business. After his death, in 1918, an explosion occurred: 200 tons of ammunition and gunpowder were destroyed. This is not all misadventures in 1969 and is burned down. But even earlier, since 1950, the island is considered uninhabited: its serving ferry sank during a storm. But that’s not all. All that remains collapsed in 2009 year.

6. Manor in Muromtsevo, Russia

The estate was built by architect Bortsov in the 19th century. This manor is the most memorable.

7. Palace of Prince Said Hashim, Cairo, Egypt

The residence was created in 1899 by the architect Antonio Latias. It was reequipped for the country. However, it’s not the same as the above-described buildings: since 2004, it’s not.

Abandoned castles and mansions

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