Abandoned objects – checklist

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This is a note. industrial facilities.

It doesn’t need to motivate anyone to commit illegal actions.

Classification of abandoned objects

This classification provides urban infrastructure and military facilities. This is a list of individual cities and towns.

In general abandoned objects are divided into:

  • civilian objects (schools, hospitals, residential buildings, etc.);
  • military facilities (military units, storage bases, repair bases, etc.);
  • industrial facilities (plants, factories, thermal power plants, etc.);
  • underground objects (various objects of military and civil purposes);
  • objects of transport infrastructure;
  • unfinished objects (buildings, factories, etc.).

Underground city ​​objects are:

  • basements, underground parking (located in buildings and built separately);
  • metro, other tunnels (pedestrian, transport, overpasses between the buildings of the enterprise, etc.);
  • sewage, sewers, underground rivers;
  • bomb shelters (located in buildings and built separately);
  • engineering communications (cable collectors, heating mains, etc.);
  • underground warehouses and storages;
  • other underground facilities and communications.

It can carry a dual purpose.
In addition, it can be located in a distance from any settlement.

It is not recommended to penetrate into the territory of existing civilian and military facilities, health and / or lead to Emergency.
It is not recommended to carry out damage. If you’re there, you’ll have to do so.

Recommendations for finding abandoned objects

It is recommended to use:

  • surviving pre-war settlement plans;
  • satellite images of terrain.

When viewing satellite images abandoned objects, such as:

  • ventilation shafts (for underground facilities);
  • separate roads (including railway tracks);
  • infrastructure lines – electric, water, gas, etc .;
  • large fenced areas;
  • sections of public maps with intentionally impaired readability.

Landfills and shooting ranges.

Survey of abandoned objects

1. In the case of the preparation of the object, its current status.

2. Intelligence – direct inspection abandoned facility take it a long time to determine the situation.
Includes, among other things:

  • measurement of radiation power;
  • detection of alternative state inputs;
  • detection of competing researchers;
  • flooding, etc.

According to the analysis of the data:

  • personnel are selected spaces, heights, etc.;
  • action is taken in case of loss of interaction;
  • The layout of the premises.

3. Moving to the territory abandoned facility – Abbreviation of the terrain of natural or economic obstacles (natural terrain, fences, fences, etc.). In some cases, moving to the site may require both physical training and special equipment.

4. Inspecting for a plot of interest, etc. In some cases, it requires special devices and equipment.
It is an autonomy.

5. Planned exit from the territory abandoned facility – The area of ​​travel to the facility’s territory. May require both physical fitness and special equipment.

6. Emergency evacuation of the environment – such as the situation, the situation, the fire, the collapse of structures, etc. a direct threat to life. It can be associated with any kind of pattern.

Promotion tactics

For people of all kinds, they will remain outside the facility.

Conditions for their implementation. Assigned to the date of return, the timing of contact. Indicates that it is in the field of emergency.

Before descending into underground facility hatch (door) and provide airing for about 15 (fifteen) minutes.

Environmental suitability for breathing. Within 10 (ten) minutes the group expects a change in his state of health. If everything is in order – the group comes in full.

If the group moves in a tunnel, it is up to the safety cable. The trailer leaves

  1. the group was more comfortable coming back
  2. subsequent groups could repeat the path.

The group moves as a whole, not spread out. If necessary, divide – divided into subgroups of at least two people.

It is preferable to check your lateral moves.

You must keep track of the readings are inaccurate.

The route list is coordinated with the method of comparison, if possible, to determine its position, being inside the object (hatches, etc.).

The situation is the case.

A review of the rooms and aisles should not be carried out before entering them. If required, illuminate the search lamp.

If the room is locked, you should:

  • examine (knock) it for water;
  • to study bypass.

Leave it open.

It was necessary to follow it in the opposite direction.

It is preferable to investigate a river or a drain against flow, for convenience. abandonment of an abandoned object in an emergency.

It is preferable to install radio communication from the facility – hatches, vents, etc.


It has been shown to be a field of human life.
The nature of life.

Probably auditory hallucinations – apparent voices, baby crying.
Probably also visual – moving figures, moving objects.

Attempts to behave loudly, make noises, etc., they are completely useless.

Members of the penetration team should be:

  • detailed instructions on the tasks (see previous section), which will create a high level of motivation;
  • It has been shown that it has been shown.

There is a separate structural element. When a threat of collapse of structures abandoned facility should leave the dangerous area immediately. If on abandoned facility It can cause a collapse of the structure. It is recommended that you make it.

Is above:

  • hanging from the ceiling
  • lost ceiling or parts of it
  • supports and supports
  • do not undermine the dirt ceiling

Below is:

  • rotten floor (check the reliability of the stick)
  • unreliable ladders support brackets
  • protruding remnants of systems, pipes, pins
  • puddles (can be from 1 cm to 50 m deep)
  • pits (to advance only where the floor is visible)

It is the fungi, the microorganisms, and the organisms themselves.

Disinfection of clothing, PPE and equipment used for examination is necessary. abandoned objects, as well as removed from the object.

The threat of chemical origin – openly stored waste, damaged containers.
Dust, including asbestos, is a significant hazard.
Corroded / moldy ammunition should be considered highly explosive.

Electrical equipment doesn’t touch (do not step on):

  • to governing bodies and control
  • to cables and junction boxes
  • to the puddles

Considering the lines of power, the stray currents.

Use open fire on abandoned objects prohibited. Combustible substances can be accumulated.

Termination of natural gases, gas leaks from leaky pipes, water vapor (see below).

The main threatening factors in heating mains:

  • At the temperature of 60–150 degrees Celsius (it can be wetted);
  • It is a so-called “steaming” (inflating) breathing apparatus.

Potentially dangerous places in a water hammer:

  • (where the coolant is oozing or flowing stream);
  • flanges, knocked out.

Do not hold them:

  • if there are signs of fistula (wet insulation, leakage of steam or water, visible jet);
  • with mort mort

Precipitation collectors and underground rivers are dangerous with any precipitation. The possibility of pipeline breaks or emergency discharges, as well as runoff blockages, should be allowed.

There are strips of different colors.

This is a sign of incoming water.


This section lists recommended equipment to visit. abandoned objects, besides the standard raid.
Equipment is carried out in accordance with the group of people.

If you are not in an auditory trauma.

Personal VHF communications are preferred as high-frequency as possible – 70 cm, 800-900 MHz, 23 cm. HF bands for the lower HF bands. However, the field win win field.

Group equipment should include:

  • safety cable not less than 35 (thirty five) meters long
  • at least 10 (ten) meters

It is necessary to ensure that it is not a problem.

Minimum required equipment

  • main light source with spare power
  • anti-dust respirator or mask
  • shooting (or household) gloves

a common part

Devices and equipment

  • backup light source with spare power
  • photo and video fixation tools
  • dosimeter radiometer
  • tester or multimeter
  • tool kit (multitool)
  • a notebook, a notebook (with a pencil and / or pen)
  • inspection mirror
  • crayons colored
  • waterproof markers

Means of protection and equipment

  • rugged gloves
  • full face mask respirator
  • durable jacket with a tight headdress (in winter, to the contrary, colder, about +10 degrees)

Underground structures (in addition to the above)

Devices and equipment

  • emergency light source with spare power
  • search light with spare power
  • gas analyzer
  • Phillips and slotted screwdrivers
  • pliers
  • hexagons
  • keys, cap and socket wrenches
  • files, files

Means of protection and equipment

  • gloves are moisture- and petrol resistant
  • gas mask, replacement filters, IDA
  • shockproof helmet
  • boots or shoe covers
  • replacement socks

Penetration media

  • mount / crowbar
  • metal files
  • nozzle
  • adjustable wrench
  • lock picks
  • bolt cutter
  • hatchet
  • thermite pencils
  • climbing equipment

Own security

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