Aboriginal practical guide on emergency survival and self-reliance.

, blizzards, tornadoes and other natural disasters.
– Get out of a burning building.
– Build a set of equipment for survival in extreme conditions for 72 hours.
– Build a home water filter.
– Repair minor household damage.
– Become a self-sufficient and independent gardener, a culinary specialist and manage your own finances.
– Take care of your health with alternative medicine and herbs.
– Build a shelter in the wild.
– Find food and water in the wild.

Necessary readiness is the central concept of any survival skills program. However, its significance or length in time cannot be overestimated – the consequences can be irreparable. A car breakdown at night during an unexpected snowstorm can cause frostbite or death if you are unprepared.

So, at the end of November 1999, unprecedented weather conditions caused the death of 97 people in Poland and Russia, hundreds of people found themselves in a difficult situation on the snowy highways of Poland and Czechoslovakia. Snow falling more than 2 feet in 2 hours, the temperature dropped sharply to minus 9 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this section, we will plan, step by step, a systematic preparation for the unexpected. This is not necessarily your specific plan of action, and it is not necessarily right for you. But this is still a plan, not just an article. Having the necessary readiness is the first step towards gaining self-reliance.

The funds listed here are simple, inexpensive and sometimes funny, but they are the key to endurance and relative comfort. They may even mean in some cases a choice between life and death..

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